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Expect The Unexpected Essay

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Expect the Unexpected
Towards the end of my junior year in high school an unexpected event occurred that changed my life. During my P.E. class I was participating in a basketball related activity that led to me getting injured. When I first realized that I was injured my first reaction was to fall to the ground and hold on to the part of my body that was hurting. After doing so, I tried to stand up and walk but I couldn’t because I began to feel excruciating pains in my left ankle. When my friends and teacher saw me struggling to walk, they all came to help me and my teacher gave me a chair to sit in. When I sat down in the chair, my teacher began to examine my ankle. He told me to turn my ...view middle of the document...

During the appointment my doctor examined my ankle and she told me that I couldn’t participate in any physical activities for two weeks and I had to go to physical therapy. After a few days went by I started going to physical therapy. At first going to physical therapy seemed to help with my injury but as time went on it seemed like it only made my injury worse. So my mother thought it was best for me to stop going, which I did. Long before I knew it summer was here and my ankle was still hurting. My parents realized I was still in pain so they took me to see a specialist. When I went to go see the specialist he gave me an insole to wear in my shoe and he told me I couldn’t participate in any physical activities for the whole summer, which was a total bummer. I did have fun that summer but I couldn’t have too much fun because of my ankle.
Summer was officially over and I was preparing to start my senior year in high school. Unfortunately I was still having pains in my ankle and my parents and I was trying to figure out why. Instead of going back to the specialist I ignored the pain because it would only bother me on rare occasions, but one day I aggravated my ankle and it was very painful. So my parents decided to take me to another specialist who told me that he believed that I didn’t sprain my ankle but I partially tore my Achilles Tendon, so he recommended that I get an MRI done just to be sure. After I got the MRI done, I went back and he confirmed that my Achilles Tendon was partially torn and the only way to fix it was through surgery. He told my parents that he could perform the surgery on my ankle however, he suggested two options for surgery but he wasn’t sure which one would be best. He recommended me to another specialist who could decide which type of surgery to perform on my ankle. So the third specialist I went to made the decision of which surgery to perform and he performed the surgery on my ankle in December of last year. Yet again I had to return physical therapy but this time it was helpful.
For a period of six months my ankle had to heal which meant I couldn’t participate in P.E. class for three to four months, I had to wear a soft cast which then turned into a big black boot, and I had to use crutches, again. Even though I hate crutches I became a pro at using them. After months of healing and physical therapy my ankle was somewhat back to normal. If you ever pay close attention to the way I walk, you would...

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