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Exercise And Diet Essay

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Regular Exercise and Healthy Eating Habits in Losing Weight

“Diet is about weight. Exercise is about health” (Dr. Robert Lustig) Long-term results are consistent factor to keeping healthy lifestyle. Dieting in order of losing weight is consistent of healthy eating habits daily. Regular exercise not only helps lose weight. It also prevents individuals from chronic disease. Losing or maintaining weight can be a challenge for many of us. It gets hard to juggle so many things in your life and stay dedicated to dropping those pounds. Some of us don’t know how to start and keep going. Some of us have tried everything or tired of spending your money. My nephew is a preteen that was already ...view middle of the document...

And they’re probably not a wise choice for those who tend to slack off out of boredom or complacency, or who lack the motivation to maintain or increase their exercise schedule. Workout DVDs are particularly useful for people whose schedules limit them to grabbing a few minutes of exercise when the opportunity presents itself, and while extended workout periods are clearly preferable. You turn your TV into a personal trainer that shows you what exercises to do and how to do them. You get the benefits of having a personal trainer for an affordable one time price. You also get a workout that was created by people who know what they are doing. Fitness advisers recommend establishing a workout schedule at the start of each week, setting aside the times that would be most convenient. If you are intimidated by the gym and feel the need to get in shape prior to getting a membership, these DVD's are a great place to start. Eating healthy offers a superior weight loss benefit compared to exercise. Many people say planning and preparing the meals can be time-consuming, and the first two weeks in which the most weight is typically lost can feel very restrictive. Using these diet programs can be harmful to your health. The Paleo diet does not approve most grains and dairy, so the diet lacks many of the nutrients, especially calcium, which our bodies need. People cutting carbs could potentially see a loss in muscle mass if they aren't careful, and some also lack sufficient nutrients, like fiber, in their diets. The cost of the program may also present an issue for some. People on the diet programs have also reported having low energy levels and trouble focusing. Many people don’t feel like the Zone diet is sustainable since it’s a super low-calorie diet. According to the American Heart Association, it doesn’t contain enough nutrients or fiber, and contains too much protein. "First, not all high-protein diets are the same," says Carol Johnston, PhD, a registered dietitian and professor of nutrition at Arizona State University. High protein and high fat, combined with low carbs, is one of the most popular routes. "High protein but low fat with moderate carbs," says Johnston. "There is little room for sweets, including sodas, on a calorie-reduced diet." It has a similar effect of boosting your energy and metabolism that exercising offers. Programs and supplement will not give you healthy results long-term. Why? Some can be hazardous to one’s health. Just about any calorie-cutting diet can produce weight loss in the short term, often through water-weight loss. However, without improved nutrition and sustained exercise and activity, lost weight will return and the overall dieting process will have failed. Such a pattern disrupts the body’s metabolism and makes future weight loss more difficult and permanent changes even harder to maintain.

Although experts say that losing weight simply requires burning more calories than are consumed, putting this principle...

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