Exemplification Essay (Eng 101)

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Exemplification Essay

How many times have you heard the saying “It’s not the clothes that makes the person, it’s the person that makes the person?” I know it’s a mouth full. And we’d all like to believe that, right? But unfortunately in today’s society that’s not the case. How you dress is a representation of you. Like a first impression and we all know you only get one. But exactly why does it matter? Why would anyone care about how I dress? Well that’s what where here to find out.
In today’s world how you dress is a reflection of you. It defines how people will react or treat you. Possibly even stereotype & judge you. Luckily it all depends on the type of social situation you are ...view middle of the document...

What I difference it made! I ended up getting my first job the very next day. I would never have thought that a simple change in clothes could change what people thought of me. Most people don’t think of these things when they put on their clothes, when they should. Another example is one I’ve seen on television, its more extreme then the first. I was watching “Couples Therapy” On VH1 a few nights ago, and there was this 17 year old girl and her 53 year old husband seeking help for their marriage. Most people would think that the age difference would cause a problem, but it was quite the opposite. When everyone was introduced the first thing they noticed was her outfit. This girl had on a very tight gold and black mini skirt, with a matching tight fitting crop top and 6 inch stiletto heels. When I first saw her I automatically thought she was a stripper or prostitute, and I thought of all this before I knew her name or heard her speak. The same goes for the people on the show, 5 minutes into everyone meeting she was called trash for the way she dressed. Never mind how old she was or why her husband was old enough to be her father. The first thing everyone saw was her slutty clothes.
Judging people off how they dress...

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