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Executive Summary Pinnacle West Essay

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Ryan Fleming
Professor Williams
Canadian Solar

Executive Summary

Within the next ten years the plan for Canadian Solar is to become a leader in photovoltaic cell innovation, attain a significant level of flexibility in production, and provide consumers with the best value solar modules in the industry. In order to achieve this vision Canadian Solar must evaluate countries to do business in. The countries that Canadian Solar is planning to do business in are Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, and the USA. The evaluation of the market attractiveness of these countries electric power and solar energy potential is the main reason for conducting as well as further pursuing business into these countries. In order to help build ...view middle of the document...

By funding grants to these colleges, Canadian solar will receive the benefits of their findings by obtaining blueprints to new cutting-edge photovoltaic cells, with the most efficiency.
We also plan to outsource Canadian Solars’ production of photovoltaic cells. Currently Canadian Solar has seven manufacturing facilities, all of which are in China. The plan is the close down the three facilities producing cells, wafers, and ingots, and outsource the production to Taiwan and Germany within the next two years in order to reduce labor costs and increase the value of our solar modules by increasing the efficiency of cell to module production. The blueprints which Canadian Solar receives the before mentioned Universities will be given to the outsourced manufacturing facilities.
In order to increase plant capacity Canadian Solar will open two new production facilities in Canada and the Czech Republic within the next five years. The main reason for establishing production facilities in these two countries is because of the F-I-T programs which have been set up by Canada and Czech Republic’s government. We see these two countries as emerging markets in the upcoming years.
The steps to raise funds for Canadian Solar will be through equity financing and bank loans. The estimated price issued shares will be $10.00, which will yield a total equity raised of $35.74 million. Bank loans will be set up through industrial and commercial Bank of China. A short-term bank loan of $45 million, and a long term bank loan of $60 million will result in a total financing thorough bank loans of $105 million. The estimated funds raised will be $140 million, which will be allocated 60% towards expansion, 10% towards R&D, 17.5% towards contracts with manufacturing firms, and 12.5% towards general funding purposes.

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