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Executive Summary
Greg Hunter
Dr. Raymond House Jr.

Executive Summary

I’ve selected food services and cars for a suitable process and product design approaches. In order to manage services and deliver on-site services, there are three types of contrasting approaches which include product line approach, self-service approach, and the personal attention approach. Cars are a way of life these days without them our way of life cannot exist. The main focal point in this industry is the result. A car company must produce a quality product that fits the end-user's taste. The three main line item approaches I will discuss will be the job process, batch ...view middle of the document...

Personal Attention Approach
Besides the other approach, this approach emphasizes on developing a relationship between individual sales person and customers for ensuring effective customer services. Along with other approaches, the use of this approach will support the company to develop a strong relationship and build customer loyalty. 
Production Process Design
Job Shop Process
In this process, the complete task is handled by a single worker or a group of workers. There can be a wide range of products and services such has shipbuilding, bridge construction, hair dresser and tailor, etc. involving use of low technology to high technology that can use job shop process (Sowell, 2006). This will not be suitable for this product.
Batch Production
In this approach a process is divided into parts, and before passing to the next operation a particular part is performed on the complete batch. It is suitable in case of when small to moderate volumes of a variety of products have to be made. It will also be not suitable the production of the car.
Assembly Line
This approach is the most suitable for the Car industry. To manufacture a car effectively, the material...

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