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Executive Comm Essay

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Mba 1st executive communication
Sec b
11. Ex post facto design is a quasi-experimental study examining how an independent variable, present prior to the study, affects a dependent variable. So like we just said, there is something about the participant that we're going to study that we don't have to alter in the participant. We will make this a little clearer a little later with some examples and descriptions.
But first, quasi-experimental simply means participants are not randomly assigned. In a true experiment, you have what is called random assignment, which is where a participant has an equal chance of being in the experimental or control group. Random assignment helps ensure that ...view middle of the document...

But in an ex post facto experiment, we are trying to determine if there is a difference between the two genders. We can't assign a person's gender, so we're forced to work around this.
Importance of body language in GD - by Rajmeet Ghai
One of the most important elements of communication is body language. Our gestures, hand movements, facial expressions etc come under body language.
When we communicate, it is very essential for us to have the correct body language to avoid offence to anyone.
* In a group discussion, Positive body gestures are a sign of confidence and security. They are a sign of active participation and leave a good impression.
* Positive gestures include Walking upright, Shaking hands confidently etc.
* Often body language conveys a lot of messages that words may not.
* A positive body language increases an impact on others.
* Body language helps to build a rapport with others.
* Body language helps to understand what others may try to convey.
* Body language helps to control aggression and conflicts.
* Body language can show you are energetic in a group discussion.
When communicating, it is important for us to have positive body gestures. Direct and steady eye contact is the most important of them.
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