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Executive Book Summary: ‘Innocent: Building A Brand From Nothing But Fruit’ By John Simmons

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Executive Book Summary: ‘Innocent: Building a Brand from Nothing but Fruit’ by John Simmons
‘Innocent: Building a Brand from Nothing but Fruit’ reveals the great story behind one of the most loved brands, Innocent, the brand with its simple products – “fruit and nothing but fruit drinks”. Innocent’s story began with three college friends, Jon Wright, Adam Balon and Richard Reed, who insisted on having a business they could be proud of. Since the early days, they had a clear idea of the company’s objectives, namely, “to make fresh, healthy, natural drinks, to be Europe’s favorite little juice company”. They started the company from scratch and consciously built it into one of the UK’s ...view middle of the document...

This book describes how Innocent has been operated and allows readers to learn from operating mistakes in order to prevent readers from making the same mistakes.
The Innocent story is a fine example of a brand that was well-planned from the start. The founders suggested that there was no need to rush into making a decision, but emphasized the necessity of thinking forward about the future and anticipating what will happen in, for example, the next year. Business is always about thinking ahead (Simmons, 2008) and it is essential that managers plan everything in advance.
A solid brand concept can be used as a guideline for operating a business or making decisions. Innocent, for example, keeps asking the question, “Is this Innocent?” (Simmons, 2008). In other words, companies have to make sure any action they take will compliment the brand image well before actually taking the action.
The three most interesting ideas from this book involve the factors of successful brand, i.e. building brand, label and trust. First, brand building means creating a successful brand with a necessity to ‘keep it simple’ so focus...

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