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Excellence In Patient Care Depends Upon: The Application Of Sound Ethical Principles, Good Communication And The Understanding, Participation In And Utilisation Of Research Findings

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The most important people in the health community are patients and the best way of managing them is by caring for them. To care for another person is a great tribute, which requires a large group of people with varied skills and responsibilities. It's organised to form a chain of command that provides the best possible patient care. (5) Dans (1993,p.556-557) suggested the greatest guarantee of quality health care for the patients lies in the character of the provider. To provide excellence in patient care depends upon: the application of sound ethical principles, good communication and the understanding of, participation in and utilisation of research findings. These are the main attributes ...view middle of the document...

Betrayals of confidence cause mistrust of the health care team and may prevent patients from revealing facts essential to their care. (6) It's important that the patient will feel an atmosphere of confidence and hope. For many people hospitalisation is reflected in a strong feeling of helplessness or loss of identity. Anxiety over physical or financial condition may also block the ability from assisting in their own care. (5) Other patients may mishear or misunderstand information simply because they are in an abnormal situation. Not all patients experience these emotions to the same degree and it depends on the unique personality of the patient past experiences related to illness, the severity of the health problem, and whether the patient is simultaneously experiencing other problems. They are all entitled to an explanation of the procedure that is about to be carried out. This is a simple way of gaining the cooperation and reassures the patient that he is, in some measure, capable of making decisions and in control of what is happening to him. It's important to make patient comfortable and tell approximately how long the procedure will take and what to expect during and after it is completed. To the patient the examination is important and unique because it is his own. In any circumstances there must be no loss of temper. Once the temper is lost the control of the situation is also lost.All care and service to the patient should be provided unrestricted by concerns of personal attitudes or the nature of the disease or illness, and without discrimination, regardless of sex, race, creed, religion, or socioeconomic status. (1) The health care team providing information must do the best to find out about the patient's individual's needs and priorities, e.g. patients beliefs, culture, occupation or other factors may have a bearing information they need to reach a decision. Many important signs of the patient's condition and how he feels are missed because health care team worker fails to listen when a patient speaks. The ability to listen and truly hear what patients are saying is very important. (9) The patient is an important variable and must be assessed carefully and with full respect. The health care team are all professionals that have undergone a high level of education and are sufficiently experienced to use independent judgement, discretion at all times. The techniques, practices and methodology should be continually improved by participating in educational and professional activities, whilst sharing the knowledge with colleagues, and investigating new and innovative aspects of professional practice. (1)Making every effort to protect the patient, even when they are difficult to handle, or in hurry for an emergency in the middle of the night, and even when no one is watching, requires ethical and professional behaviour. (5) The best that can be done for patients is to minimise the risks that are unavoidable and take out those risks, which...

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