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Excellence In Communication To Aid Service Delivery In Pension And Financial Industries

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‘Excellence in communication to aid service delivery in pension and financial industries’
Presented by Philip Eche, MBA, fnimn, mimc, mnim, fCIP
(Principal Partner, Focus Business Managers Ltd, Kaduna).


to The Certified Institute of Pensions of Nigeria (CIPN) at Compulsory Continuous Professional Education (CCPE) on April 15th, 2010

Lagos Venue.

Presentation Objective
To stimulate the attention of the participants to have the understanding and become conscious of the importance of excellent communication skills in bridging the gap between service delivery and promises.

Presentation Outline
Definition of Communication Types of communication Communication process ...view middle of the document...

Are transmitted, or sent as message to the receiver

Communication process cont’d
Sender: this is the source of message – that may be verbal, nonverbal or written. Decoder: this where ideas are translated into suitable words, charts or other symbols for transmission. Care must be taken at this stage to avoid misunderstanding. Channels: when a message is finally developed it will be transmitted by the channel chosen. At this stage, care must be taken to avoid barriers and interference otherwise the message will not be received properly. Encoding: this where ideas are interpreted exactly the way it is intended to achieve a meaningful information. Decoding can be affected by the receiver’s past experience, personal assessment and expectations. Receiver: this stage is for the receiver to use the communication effectively . He may ignore it, perform it, store the information provided or acknowledge.
The feedback process from the receiver to the sender in the cycle shows there is an effective two-way communication circuit.

What is excellent communication?
Excellent communication is the adoption of the ‘rule of five’ by the receiver to include;
Receive Understand Accept Use Feedback

Rule of Five

Excellent communication

Here the sender wants the receiver to receive, understand, accept, use the message and provides feedback.

Benefits of excellent communication
It is an essential tool to improve support from the customers and enhance their patronage for the services an organization provides. Employees will always know what their competitors are doing. Management having received inputs from the interface of the employees with customers will stand to give proper directives for better performance.

Despite the importance and excellent communication process in an organization, the amount of time and resources spent to communicate, yet effective and productive communication have always been a challenging process to any organization.

Barriers cont’d
The difference between effective and ineffective communication can be traced to how well the communicating parties deal with the followings; Perception differences – background and experience of the parties.

Emotions – defensiveness, fear, embarrassment, love etc.
Inconsistencies between verbal and nonverbal communication e.g. body language, facial expression, eye movement, distance etc.

Prior trust (or distrust) between the parties. How credible is the sender or source of the message?

How can we improve on our communication ability?
Effective and excellent communication can be achieved by; Clarifying ideas right from the source. Considering the environment in which the communication occurs. Considering the emotional overtones as well as the message. Following up on the message. Being an excellent listener. Acknowledging the two-way street in communication by providing feedback.

Financial service, what is it?
Financial service comes under...

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