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Excel Project Essay

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Research Proposal
The Effects of Two Weight Management Treatments
On Self-Perception
Chellyn Jones
English 1002
Columbia Southern University

According to the American Obesity Association, over one-hundred million adults are overweight in the United States (2002). That is approximately one-third of the United States population (U.S. Census Bureau, 2006). Weight has a huge impact on the lives of ...view middle of the document...

431-432). The results concluded that there is a highly significant difference between the attempt towards peer acceptance of serious dieters and non-serious dieters with a significance level less than 0.000 (p. 439). Their results also showed that, in a diet-only survey, girls were likely to feel more discontent with their body if they had a greater motivation for being thin.

The Benefits of Exercise
The results of this experiment showed that people who were already active and planned to continue their exercise routine gave reasons for more benefits than obstacles of exercise. Strengths include involving future goals and seeing what people may actually consider being a restriction on their exercise activities.
The research experiment found that women with body image concerns experienced more exhaustion than the participants with less concerns about body image. These women with high body image concerns also had more physical anxiety before the exercise portion of the experiment began. These participants were randomly chosen for having a risk factor of coronary heart disease, such as obesity, smoking, hypertensive, etc. The results of this experiment showed that there was a significant increase in self-perception, self-worth, and perceived physical health.

My Research Proposal
The hypothesis of my experiment is to determine which weight management treatment is more effective in positively affecting self-perception. I would use a large sample size of various ages to mirror the population of the United States. The first independent variable would be gender and the different levels included would be men and women. The second independent variable would be weight management treatment which will be divided into diet-only and diet with exercise levels. The dependent variable would be the change in self-perception. I believe that a...

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