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Excel Final Essay

882 words - 4 pages

* A - (TCO 9) The data has been provided to you in one .csv file showing weekly sales for all three stores for the last three years. Explain the tasks you must complete in preparing the data for your analysis.
* B - (TCO 2) Explain, based on material covered in this class, your approach to setting up your worksheet and organizing the data. Remember that you have only weekly sales totals for each store in the data.
* C - (TCO 3) Explain how you will visually represent the comparison of the total annual sales at the individual stores for each of the three years. Describe methods to make your strongest performing store stand out.
* D - (TCO 7) Once you have finished the above ...view middle of the document...

The information that I was given was three years of weekly data for three different stores. I would have the businesses information at the top of the spreadsheet. In large font and in a specific color, let’s say blue. The top row of information would be the column headers East, West and Central. These would be in a lighter blue color and a smaller font that the title information. The Rows would each have a heading in column one which would be either Week 1 of Year 2012 or the date (1/1/10). I would have all of the weeks in the month below each other. At the end of each month I would do a row that would total the data for the entire month. It would be =sum(B2:B5) or something along those lines. The Row title would be Month 1 Total and it would be bold. I would continue down to the bottom of the first year. Then I would do a total for the entire year. This would look something like =sum(B2:B366). The row Title would be Year 1 Total and it would be bold so that it would stick out a bit. This makes all of my data organized and totaled for easy analysis.
I would then take all of the yearly information for each of the three stores that I computed and make it into a 3D stacked column graph. In order to do this I would make a new sheet (This would be my third sheet) and name it Yearly...

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