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Example Of Proposal Essay

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Lecture name: Dr. Hisyam
Subject: Research Proposal
Submission Date: 18 August 2014
Title: Factor that influence services quality in the Islamic banking system in Malaysia

Student name: Tai Yen Ying Doris
Student ID: Scm-014993
Course: Bachelor In Business Management

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1. Cover pages 1
2. Content 2
3. Abstract 3
4. 1.0 Introduction 3
5. 1.1 Research Background 3
6. 1.2 Problem statement 5
7. 1.3 Research Question 5
8. 1.4 Research objectives 6
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The target respondents will be the bank customer who experience the Islamic banking system before or the customers that are using currently.


The aim of this research is to determine the factor explaining the service quality in the Islamic banking system in Malaysia by using of difference among customer expectation and perception. This research will focus on determine how Islamic banks can meet customer expectation and perception regarding Islamic bank. Besides, this research consists of three chapter, in chapter 1 will study about the research background, problem identified, research objectives, develop questioner, significance and scope of study and a short summary for chapter1.

1.1 Research Background

Nowadays customer expectation and demand have different compare to last time due to the advanced of technology such as Internet. In order to manage a success business customer satisfaction is one of the main intention that need to take into consideration. (Abedniya.A, Zaeim.M.N) Thus, every firms need to keep on make improvement in the services quality so it can enhancing customers consecutive demand. The service quality issue has brings for service organization to handle how the result is measured in comparing with manufacturing process that produce the products. (Avkiran.N. (1994) Service can be define as an intangible which selling something that a consumers unable to see, touch and taste physically such as selling insurance, banking system and etc. A firms need to have enough creativity because it is identify by its functions, performance and advantage deliver from the organization to customers who pay for it. In order to make the service seem more tangible from customer gaining customer satisfaction is important. When customers satisfy with the services been provided it may create customer loyalty and coming back again. There are several different aspects between the services and products marketing and the biggest different between service and products marketing is the intangibility and heterogeneity. Besides, service quality can be defines as how good a service can meet their expectation in customer perception. (Bettman.J. (1997)

The service quality is not judge by the companies or organization but is determine by the customers. Hence, the organization may confront with the challenge in investigate the service quality from the customers point of view. In order to accomplish its, the services organization try to define and develop the service quality to fulfill the customers expectation. The services organization adopt the data and information receive from customer point of view. The key point includes specification and standards, can be measures, the point of view must be related with the price and cost for customer and the producers and can fulfill customer need and expectation. The Islamic banking become the rapid growing industry within the last four decades. (Bank Marketing,n.d)The Islamic bank will...

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