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Example Of Feasibility Study Essay

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A feasibility study is essentially a process for determining the viability of a proposed initiative or
service and providing a framework and direction for its development and delivery. It is a process for making sound decisions and setting direction. It is also a process which:

is driven by research and analysis usually involves some form of consultation with
stakeholders, community, users, etc.
focuses on analyzing, clarifying and resolving
key issues and areas of concern or uncertainty very often involves basic modeling and testing. ...view middle of the document...

there is a perception of competition with existing service providers (commercial or
community based) and the City’s mandate or role may be questioned
there is no clear indication of the preferred method or source of delivery
public safety is concerned
there are significant legislative requirements (health, safety, liability, certificationrequirements) related to the initiative which
concern, impact and relate to the City
there is significant risk inherent in the service initiative (financial, political, public liability,social, etc)
the initiative entails significant operating requirements (ie. financial, administrative,staffing, materials and supplies, skilldevelopment, customer service, training/development, etc.)

Responsibility for a Feasibility Study
The City may assume lead role if there is no organized proponent or organization attached to an identified need or service concept. Alternatively, the City may assist or team up with a community group or private proponent who is advocating a new community service or program.
In any case, the City must be involved in the feasibility study process as a key stakeholder and provider of resources to support a service and to ensure that community needs and interests are represented accurately.

Typical Contents of a
Feasibility Study

A typical feasibility study will:
verify community needs for a proposed leisure
assess the benefits and overall value of a
proposed service to the community
assess market conditions and trends
articulate a service concept (ie. format, content, theme, objectives/outcomes)
determine required resources (capital and operating)
determine costs and financing strategies (ie. Financial Analysis)
review service delivery options and recommend the most effective delivery strategy.
determine the City’s role and impacts (financial, resources) in the delivery of the service
produce an implementation strategy for the development and delivery of the new service

The following summarizes typical contents of a
feasibility study. The level of detail, analysis and
involvement may vary depending on the nature
and scale of the proposed initiative.

1. Service Concept
Conformance with City policies, goals and
2. Community Benefits/
Outcomes Assessment
Personal Health
Build strong families and healthy communities
Ecological Survival
Economic Generator
Human Development
Quality of Life
Reduces self-destructive and anti-social behaviour
Reduces health care, social services and police/justice costs

3. Community Needs
Assessment and Market
Target markets/profiles (geographic/ demographic)
Needs assessment (ie. product or type of service)
Market supply and competition
Market share goals (production or service volume goals)
Trends analysis- socio-economic, demographic, environmental, recreational, etc. Short term
fad or long term need?
Market growth...

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