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Example Of A Challenge In Health And Social Care

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K319-12B TMA 04

Drawing on your own experience of using or working in adult health care or in social care services, identify a situation in which you faced challenges, dilemmas and conflicts in one of the following three contexts:
An assessment of health and social care need
Promoting health
Safeguarding adults
Critically analyse the challenges, dilemmas, and conflicts you faced and evaluate the role of communication in your chosen situation (word limit 2112 words).

My choice of a situation where I faced challenges, dilemmas, and conflicts was in safeguarding adults’ context. I am a key worker to a service user, living in one of our supported living housing unit. I have duty of a ...view middle of the document...

He has reasonable living skills, and he is on prescribed medication for his mental health condition, which is taking daily and aware of his condition.
The service user has various activities he attend everyday in the community, this involve travelling and he is very independent with all the activities. He is not very good in using the train services because he sometimes got confused of where to get off the train. He has a mobile phone programmed to support him, he can make calls, and pick up calls from his phone. He is confident of using buses and taxis, He is very familiar with the entire buses stop, timetables, in the community, and he can walk himself home.
The service user can read and write. He has verbal communication in English language only. He relate well with housemates, staff and people around him.
He has records of wetting himself and lost his temperament, throwing objects, but not towards anybody, in his support plan and the procedure is to be left alone after encourage him to go to his bedroom to change if it happens. Although this incident never happened for the past five years, I have been working with this service user as a key worker.
On Mondays, this service user attends art therapy class at one of the NHS mental health care trust, about 10 miles from where he lives.
At around 2.00 pm on one Monday, I received a phone call from this service user and he told me that the bus driver asked him not to use the bus service anymore, because he was incontinent of small amount of urine that wet his trouser while on the bus. He sounds angry on the phone, and he was making decisions of what he will do next.
I encouraged him to go home, that I will meet up with him as soon as I get somebody to cover the shift I was doing at our residential unit, so that I can have a clear picture of what happened, discuss it and see what we can do about it.
The greatest challenge I faced on that day was time, I have to meet up with the service user, also meet up with the bus driver on his way back to hear his own version of the incident and the conversation that happened.
Secondly, I never handled this type of situation before, and I could not pass it over because I was the most senior available and I key work the service user. It was difficult for me to classified the incident as an abuse, because the service user did something wrong and I have to establish possible or actual abuse before I could do any investigation, the incident was reported to me which I must acted upon, and this will tell on my professional ability of handling the situation.
I have no idea of the bus company policy on what the service user did.
The service user have started making some decisions of using taxis or relocating to the town where the NHS care trust is located, or using another bus company, most of his decisions were not going to benefit him if at all they are possible and of course some would not be immediately. However, for someone who has chosen...

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