Examine The Patterns Of And Reasons For Domestic Violence In Society

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Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behaviour in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or retain authority and control over another partner. Domestic violence can be physical, emotional, economic, psychological or sexual actions or threats of actions that impact another person. Domestic violence is commonly inflicted on women though men too suffer domestic violence. Most Sociologists would attribute domestic violence towards social causes rather than psychological.
The police play a key part in dealing with domestic violence however, they’re frequently subjected to criticism due to the method used when countering to the issue. Several feel the police don't ...view middle of the document...

However, this is not the circumstance anymore and current attitudes are now more concerned towards abused women.
Socialisation – From an initial age girls are more restrained and looked after whilst boys are persuaded to be more independent. This primary socialization demonstrates girls to be more obedient and submissive.
This implies that because woman are sculpted to behave a certain way from an early age and because common male dominance seen throughout society in present day women are seen to be more easily intimidated which can be a contributing factor towards domestic violence in society. This also presents why women are more often victims of domestic violence because as girls are taught to be less independent than boys meaning they are more reliant on their male counterparts which makes them more likely to be intimidated by their male partners.
Radical feminist’s dispute that domestic is evidence of patriarchy. They say that domestic violence is an expected result of a patriarchal society, and works to keep control that men have over women. They imply that male power in the workplace supports the issue, and shows why the police are hesitant to solve issues of domestic issues. Feminists tend to feel social messages contribute towards the use of violence from males. They believe the causes of domestic violence as the result of living in a society that ignores partner violence committed by men, while teaching women to be peaceful. Feminist however, do not reject that females can too be violent in their relations with men yet, they don’t see woman being violent to men as a true social so therefore, it shouldn’t permit as much attention.
The gender dispute in domestic violence is based on whether there are as many abused males than. A common view in society is that females are more frequently victims of domestic violence and that men commit most cases. This dispute is called the gender symmetry argument. Males tend not to report cases when they have committed the domestic violence and women similarly do not report cases when they have been the victim. Women don’t freely report their spouse's violence because of economic reliance on the abusive partner, it is common for the victim to almost brush off their partners by blaming themselves or thinking their partner truly loves them. In difference, men don’t report their...

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