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Clinical Psychology
From ancient Greece to Sigmund Freud to present day, clinical psychology has a complete and extensive history. Current developments in psychology are credited to research, science, and in a number of cases, inadvertent breakthroughs as well as straightforward opinions between additional assistance. The changes in psychology throughout time are a continual evolution and transformation of innovative responses, treatments, and perhaps one day, even a cure. In the field of psychology, several branches exist. Psychiatrists, psychologists, along with additional branches; each area serves a solitary idea, which is to improve upon the human state (James & James, 1991).
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In the 19th century, Sigmund Freud had a lucid perception of the mind and soul. His clear understanding stimulated the contemplation of a holistic vision of wellbeing and that this was a necessity to gain a more complete understanding of abnormal behaviors, illness, and even health (Plante, 2011). He hypothesized that human brains contain responsibilities that are unconscious and applied manipulation on a person’s wellbeing. He also theorized that psychoanalytic thoughts made way for the acceptance of a person’s psychological weights, which is at the center of clinical psychology today (Brown, 1940).
It might be said that German born Wilhelm Wundt is the father of psychology. In 1879, he opened the very first laboratory exclusively intended for the use of researching psychology. Shortly thereafter, in 1890, William James Principles of Psychology debuted, which once again put the field of psychology in the spotlight. In 1896, the election of G. Stanley Hall to serve as the president of the newly developed American Psychological Association (APA) was yet another evolution within the field. Also in 1896, even without the support of friends, Lightner Witmer opened the first clinic to focus on psychology (Plante, 2011).
During the Second World War, psychology was once again in the spotlight. The war created a crucial need for clinical psychologists. This was the first time psychometric assessments were created and services for 40,000 vets were obtainable. By this time mental health clinics were well established, change was still a necessity. In 1947, a meeting in Boulder, Colorado was called to order to make these changes and again in 1973, a second meeting was held in Vail, Colorado. Change and advancements in psychological learning required the need for the establishment of innovative procedures and models for the purpose of enlightening up and coming clinical psychologists (Plante, 2011).
Role of Research and Statistics
The existence of clinical psychology is due to the necessity to understand and efforts of inquiry, or to put it simply, research. Exploration offers human nature answers it seeks and the reasons for the answer. Another important aspect of understanding is statistics. Having statistics is important to understanding the information presented and shows the quality of the information. Statistics also concentrates on the quantity and quality of the answers resulting from studies. The functions of the scientific method include the application of statistically important data, clinical psychology experts developing...

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