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March 2012: M plc
Question a
i. Evaluate the risks to M plc associated with allowing subscribers to post comments and views on the newspaper website.

M plc is a long established publisher of newspapers and provider of web media. Based on their mission statement, their reputation is depending on the quality of report and information. The quality of information referred to truthful and accurate information given by M plc to the readers. The online version of newspaper that allows subscriber to post comments and view the newspaper website is a good decision. But they need to aware with the various type of risk that they need to face.

The first risk is about inaccurate post and false ...view middle of the document...

Lastly, the controversial postings and inaccurate info also acceptable by M plc, this will create bad reputation to others. The professional criteria will be damage by malicious and rumour information that given by subscribers. It also will cause the truthful of the reader to the info given by M plc will be decrease. The loyalty of the reader also will be decrease.

ii. Recommend, stating reasons, appropriate controls that might be put in place in future to minimize the risks to M plc associated with malicious and inaccurate posts

M plc need to increase their control to avoid the risks will be happened again. The first control that M plc need to be done is take detail information about the subscribers during registration process. This detail will be needed to ensure they will be claim based on their fault if they don’t fulfill the terms and conditions given. Besides that, to ensure the detail was accurate, M plc can get the information from banking services where it can be traced during the payment using card credit. The information taken can be safeguard M plc from false claiming by the injured party.

M plc also need to increase their login control to avoid any fraud about the login transaction. The fraud will be happened when other person login using other ID and password or that account had been hacked by the hackers. M plc need to limited number of trial to enter password to login in that website. This method can ensure the person who login in that website is the really person who subscribe that website. More than that, M plc need to inform and create awareness to their subscribers to not remember their website password at the computers or other electronics tools. It will give big problems when their electronics tools had been stolen.

Another control is in terms and conditions to be subscribers, M plc need to state that M plc have a power to pursue action against any subscriber whose use the website and brings the company bad reputation. This control will be aware to the subscribers when posting their comment in the website. They were will be more responsible to post the accurate information to avoid from claiming by M plc.

The method to post comment control also need to be implement in M plc website. M plc need to set the post of comment must be needed after login using the subscriber ID. When using subscribers ID, we can identify their details and their activity in the M plc website. ID using will create responsibilities to the subscribers to post the comment at the website.
Lastly, the best control is staff approval control in M Plc Company regarding the post comment by the subscribers. When the subscribers want to post the information in the M plc website, their post must get the approval from the staff. The staff responsible to view and approve that good and wise comment only can be post. This method more complicated but give a good solution.

Question b
i. Explain the importance of a robust control...

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