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Exam Instruction Essay

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Examination instructions to Students

Subject: Bus 317 Strategic Management

Please read these notes carefully:
1. The examination will be based on the following case Cochlear via the LMS site for BUS317.
2. You are expected to read the case in detail AND update the information i.e. you are required to know the competitive situation and the internal functioning of Starbucks to October 2013.
3. You are allowed to prepare a single A4 sheet, double-sided, TYPED. Attach this sheet to your answer script. Please DO NOT attempt to reproduce everything you have written down on the A4 sheet in your answer. The A4 sheet is a SUPPORT not a CRUTCH!!
4. To help you answer the exam ...view middle of the document...

corporate strategy, focussing on directional and defensive strategies
g. IMPORTANT: While these topics cover the main intent of the question, it is impossible to say that only material covered in these weeks can be used to answer the questions. Material from other lectures, by the nature of strategic management, may apply and if they do, you are expected to include that information in your answer – integrate your knowledge.
9. Make sure you substantiate your position. Make clear how the choice you make is superior to the other options given prevailing and/or future trends and competitive circumstances.

Sample questions, with a model answer to Q1.:

1. Answer both 1(a) and 1(b):
a. Would Carrefour find the retail grocery industry in Australia attractive (18 marks)? Substantiate your answer by applying the relevant strategic tool to evaluate the industry in Australia.
The industry under examination is the XXXX This definition includes X, Y and Z, but excludes A, B and C. A determination of whether nor not this industry is attractive will stem from an analysis of the PEST environment and an analysis using Porter’s industry 5 forces framework.

The XXXX industry is currently worth $YYY and year on year growth has exceeded W%. The industry is the most concentrated XXX industry in the world, with over 60% of the sector held by 2 key players, Woolworths and Coles. In most other countries, the concentration held by the top 2 players does not exceed 40%.

An evaluation of the external environment is undertaken in order to identify opportunities and threats that the industry faces. This evaluation will commence with the PEST analysis. ……, in particular focussing on trends that present greatest opportunity and threat for the industry.

The analysis of the general environment commences with identifying key trends in the political environment. One trend that is likely to persist into the future is the influence of minor political parties with regard to the balance of power. This may result in the passage of legislation that may complicate business’ operating environment such as the Carbon Tax …. A key aspect of the economic environment is the __________________________. This will __________________________. Sociocultural trends to take note of are _______________________________. These lead to _____________________________________. Technological trends to monitor are _______________ and _________________________. The former ___________________________ and the latter ___________________.

Porter’s 5 forces is used to firstly determine the attractiveness of the industry. This analysis will examine the threat of entrants and substitutes, power of suppliers and buyers and degree of industry rivalry. The threat of entrants, referring to the possibility of new players entering the industry, is deemed _____. This is due to ________. ________ A key factor affecting the degree of...

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