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Evolution Through Natural Selection Essay

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Evolution through Natural Selection
Performance Assessment

Evolution is earth’s natural process to survive. Just like the latest technology, evolution makes the new organism better and stronger han the last model. The primary source of evolution is through natural selection. All living things can produce offspring but only a few off spring, the strongest, will live and reproduce. The offspring that survive are the organisms that have advantageous traits, traits that better suit their environment. Over a long period of time, organisms that have advantageous traits will dominate a population until the population has changed completely into ...view middle of the document...

First I counted all the colored beads and recorded their original numbers in data table 1.
2. Next I emptied all of the colored beads into their environment, which in this experiment is the plastic bag.
3. After that I continued my experiment starting with trial A. I picked up 25 beads in the following color order: yellow, green, and orange. I did not feed upon, pick up, any other colored beads.
4. After I had 25 beads in my stomach, the plastic cup, I counted the number of beads remaining in each color and recorded it in data table 1 under trial A.
5. Next, I returned all my beads back to their environment and continued with trial B. I picked up exactly 20 beads, one color at a time, beginning with black, then going to yellow, and finally moving onto blue.
6. 20 beads later, I counted the number of remaining beads in each color and recorded the information in data table 1 under trial B.
7. After returning all my beads to their environment I continued with the last trial-trail C. I picked up all of the red beads and all of the orange beads but no other color. I counted the remaining colored beads and recorded the individual number in data table 1 under trail C.
8. Finally, after my data table was filled in, I made a graph for trials A,B, and C consisting of the original numbers of beads and the number of beds remaining.
All of the numerical data I collected during this lab can be seen in my data table and graphs attached. In my graphs you can see that trial B was most closely related to the original population and trail C was the least similar to its original population. Trial A was in between both trials B and C.
In conclusion, there are three types of natural selection that all play a major factor in evolution. Evolution allows organisms to adapt to their changing environments and reproduce. The three types of natural selection are disruptive selection, stabilizing selection, and directional selection. My hypothesis was correct. The type of natural selection that took place depended on the extremity of the situation and the original population count. Trial C was the most unrelated to its original population count, which made the type of natural selection that took place disruptive selection. Trial B, on the other hand, was most closely related to its original population count making it stabilizing selection, and trial A was in-between both trials, with some major differences in numbers, making the case of natural selection, directional selection. This lab helped me to better understand not only evolution, but also the three varieties of natural selection and how they work in nature.
1. For each of the graphs created, how does the histogram for each trial differ from the histogram of the original population?
Trial B was most closely related to its original population with only a few differences. Trial C resembled its original population graph...

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