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Evolution Paper

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Human Geography 1101

Becoming Human Response

For many year there has been a worldwide controversy on the actual facts of evolution. Were we derived from ape? Did Neanderthal play an essential part if any in the culture that we have today? These are just some of the questions anthropologist and scientist have been trying to answer for ages. There are some disputable theories and some indisputable theories; you must come to a conclusion of your own. So we must take an in-depth look at the “Becoming Human” interactive documentary to arrive at our own theory and conclusion.
In the beginning the documentary they takes us to Hardar, Ethiopia where the bones of ...view middle of the document...

With her body make up she had her defense was neither fighting nor running but climbing the trees that were around them. My point is that their different body features all caters to their environment and survival. Like the documentary stated all hominids could not adapt and faded away. I believe the younger one who were born into adept as the older died due to lack of adaptation. Also as time passed the brain began to grow larger as you can see in the Homo erectus who is even more human like. I believe this was in response to the capacity of new intellect they had to gain in order to live. As you can tell with these new adaptation the Homo erectus were more dominant than the early hominids from which Lucy stems from. It was proven that they were carnivores, they fed off other meats. This change to carnivores would eventually effect the location of where Homo erectus stayed. As we discussed in class it is in our nature to be territorial about what is our, so this would be no different. These species may have got to the points mostly all the territories were marked by different group so therefore they migrated. They migrated to Europe and Asia to gain their own territories so they could eat and survive. These actions and entitlement to...

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