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Evolution Of Public Administration Essay

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1491 B.C. | During the exodus from Egypt Moses followed the recommendation of Jethro, his father-in-law, that he delegate authority over the tribes of Israel along hierarchical lines. | Moses |
400 B.C. | Recognized management as a separate art; promoted principles of specialization. | Plato |
325 B.C | Applied the principle of line and staff to help conquer most of the known world. | Alexander the Great |
284 A.D. | First Roman emperor to rule through genuine delegation of authority and chain of command. He divided the empire into 101 provinces, grouped into 13 dioceses; the dioceses, ...view middle of the document...

| |
1801 | Began the spoils system in U.S. Government employment. | |
1810 | Recognized need for training workers and other personnel practices. | |
1829 | Extended the spoils system in U.S. Government employment. | |
1850 | Explained concepts such as span of control, unity of command, and wage incentives. | |
1856 | On October 5, 1841 two American passenger trains collided head-on, making it clear that one boss could not watch everything. A well-defined organizational structure was needed, and McCallum developed the organization chart to show that structure. | |
1883 | Curbed the spoils system and established the U.S. Civil Service Commission. | |
1887 | Wilson was regarded as the father or founder of the discipline of Public Administration | Woodrow Wilson |
1900 | | |
1990 | | Frank J. Goodnow |
1919 | | |
1921 | | |
1922 | | |
1923 | | |
1926 | The first stage in the evolution of Public Administration as a distinctive subject of study commenced. | L. D. White |
1927 | | W. F. Willoughby |
1930 | | |
| | Henri Fayol |
| | J. D. Money and A. C.Reiley |
1937 | | |
1937 | | Luther Gulick and Lyndall Urwick |
| | Elton Mayo |
| | Chester Barnard |
| | Herbert Simon |
| | Robert Dahl |
| | Chris Argyris |
| | Douglas McGregor |
| | Rensis Likert |
| | Fred W. Riggs |
| | Rumki Basu |
1968 | | Waldo |
1970s | | Vincent Ostram |
| | S. R. Maheswari |

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