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Evolution And Intelligent Design Essay

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Evolution and Intelligent Design

The subject of how life started on this planet we called “Earth” is a very controversial subject. The whole topic is a battle of the beliefs of its inhabitants. It is seen in politics, as well as in schools, the workplace, and other areas that people are interacting. Intelligent Design is occasionally referred to as Creationism. However, the proper title is Intelligent Design. Creationism is more along the lines of a religious assembly. Yet the supporters of both affiliations are called Creationists. Evolution, by definition, is the scientific theory that all life forms on Earth today are descended from a single cell organism (Source B). ...view middle of the document...

Evolution provides a basis for the Creator’s work, micro-evolution, and macro-evolution (Leone). Micro-evolution is the result of small changes in a species. Macro-evolution is the result of a dramatic change in a species. As stated in Leone, “A world without meaning would be one in which a Deity (a supernatural being) pulled the string of every human puppet, and every material particle as well.” Wesley Roberts’s story “A Struggle in Tennessee” shows how strenuous it can be to prove and teach evolution in a school’s curriculum (Source B). The famous trial of John Scopes also displays this point (Sprague de Camp). These cases are not a judgment of what school’s place into their youth’s heads, but rather a strained competition between religion and science.
Looking at this subject from the Holy side, evolution is just a theory by Charles Darwin. This means that there is a possibility that this is not the truth (FAQ). There is no adequate evidence to prove that one organism evolves into another (Gerdes). Creationists believe that evolution and alchemy go hand-in-hand; they both spell catastrophe. Certain events in history that are unexplained must be explained by supernatural processes (Leone). Creationists want to beat down the United States Constitution’s separation of church and state to pave way for religion to enter school curriculums (Source B). The Bible is “the yard stick to measure every man’s intellect, to measure every man’s intelligence, to measure every man’s learning” (Sprague de Camp).
Evolution provides a meaningful explanation of the relationship of the Creator to man and animals...

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