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Evolution Essay

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A new era of anxiety that we live in has moved by so quickly to every each of us. It's Not the Job Market an article written by Taylor Clark, Stated The three real reason why Americans are more anxious than ever before.He indicated that Americans are suffering from anxiety, which numbers are escalating due to many reasons. One of the reasons is the lack of intercommunication with others; people tend to be more independent on resolving their issues rather than asking for help to someone else. Also, the vast number of information that people get across every day such as the news report just brings worries among Americans.The final reason why Americans is out bursting the record of anxiety is ...view middle of the document...

Especially when you fight or flight system is activated, which occurs during the time of stress and turns into anxiety.Therefore, if Americans are so focused and worrying about the news report from last night or whether friends and family are going to approve or like their post on facebook from last night. They are causing to the fight-flight system to activate; concluding to a max of muscle tension throughout the entire body.
The lack Of intercommunication with others leading to your issues without seeking for help has caused the majority to build anxiety.In the 21st century, technology has become a comfortable zone a more convenient lifestyle for all Americans because with the right technology at home everyone might not ever need the necessary to leave the bed and interact with others. The shortcuts of communicating through texting and Facebook have taken us from socializing with others. New technology such as the Internet and mobile phones has taken away the need for a person to visit others. Few minutes of texting is enough interaction for people. "Older generation recall how open...

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