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Evidence Of A Worldwide Flood Essay

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When we look at the structure of the earth or the things in it, we automatically think evolution. However countless ancient cultures from all parts the world believe the earth’s structure we now see was carved out by a worldwide flood. Many people today don’t believe that there was an ancient worldwide flood as told in the biblical account of Noah’s Ark, but there is so much more proof that this would have actually occurred. Scientific evidence and historical proof both show that this event did, in fact happen. It alone can explain so many geological features on our today. (Ferrel 616) Even many paleontologists believe all the evidence points to a worldwide flood as the cause the for the ...view middle of the document...

Because of this and the presence of marine fossils in the layers, it tells us the cliffs were formed from ocean currents, such as a worldwide flood. (“Scientific Evidence for a Worldwide Flood”)
At one time much of the ocean floor was thought to once be dry land. the ocean was also thought to have been a lot smaller. This is thought to be true because there are fossils found on the ocean floor that were at one time on land. Therefore, immense upheavals as well as sinking of land must have taken place in order to provide a place to hold the oceans. If that had not occurred, the entire earth would be under water. (Ferrel 657)
It is easy to see that the continents moved since the beginning of the earth. At one time all the continents were smashed together in to one super continent, Pangaea. The reasons that Pangaea split and broke apart was the sifting and moving of the earth in the worldwide flood. The continents splitting would also explain why there are more oceans today. When the continents split it would create a gap allowing rain water to fill the gap thus making more room for a bigger ocean.
Fossils makeup the biggest part of the proof that supports the flood. You would never expect to find a fossil of a fish on top of a mountain unless you think about a worldwide flood. The fossils of sea creatures are high above sea level due to oceans waters having flooded the continents. (“Worldwide flood, Worldwide evidence”) The same purpose applies for land animals found in the ocean; the flood waters carried them there. Fossilization does not normally occur today; for it requires sudden death, sudden burial, and great pressure. (Ferrel 618) Vast quantities of plants and animals were suddenly buried, (Ferrel 619)
Not only is there scientific proof of a worldwide flood, there is also biblical proof, too. You do not even need scientific evidence to refer to about the flood because the bible plainly states that there was a worldwide flood. In Geneses 7:17-24 it plain as day talks about a how worldwide flood covers the earth. Also in Geneses it talks about how the flood did help shape the earth. . Many people say the bible isn’t true because they say there is no scientific evidence to support it, but that’s not true! The Bible’s history is reliable throughout—from the creation of man from the dust of the ground to the worldwide flood. (“Worldwide Flood Worldwide Evidence”) When you study events recorded in the bible, they always coincide with events recorded in other cultures history, another reason it is a reliable source of recorded history.
Along with all the evidence of an ancient, global flood, there is proof for many other uncertain things in our world. Things like what is the age of the earth, and what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, or the rapid burial of plants? Sediment has been transported long distances, and rock layers can be found all the way across continents and the evidence is in the flood.
Recorded biblical...

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