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Evidence Collection Essay

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EC-Council Press

The Experts: EC-Council
EC-Council’s mission is to address the need for well educated and certified information security and e-business practitioners.
EC-Council is a global, member based organization comprised of hundreds of industry and subject matter experts all
working together to set the standards and raise the bar in Information Security certification and education.
EC-Council certifications are viewed as the essential certifications needed where standard configuration and security
policy courses fall short. Providing a true, hands-on, tactical approach to security, individuals armed with the knowledge
disseminated by EC-Council programs are ...view middle of the document...

means 5 components of IT security: firewalls,
anti-virus, IDS, networking, and web security.

E|DRP – EC-Council
Disaster Recovery Professional
E|DRP covers disaster recovery topics, including
identifying vulnerabilities, establishing policies and
roles to prevent and mitigate risks, and developing disaster recovery plans.

Wireless|5 introduces learners to the basics
of wireless technologies and their practical
adaptation. Learners are exposed to various
wireless technologies; current and emerging
standards; and a variety of devices.

C|EH - Certified Ethical Hacker
Information assets have evolved into critical
components of survival. The goal of the Ethical
Hacker is to help the organization take preemptive measures against malicious attacks by
attacking the system himself or herself; all the
while staying within legal limits.

Network|5 covers the ‘Alphabet Soup of
Networking’ – the basic core knowledge
to know how infrastructure enables a work
environment, to help students and employees
succeed in an integrated work environment.

E|NSA – EC-Council
Network Security Administrator
The E|NSA program is designed to provide
fundamental skills needed to analyze the internal
and external security threats against a network,
and to develop security policies that will protect
an organization’s information.
E|CSA - EC-Council Certified Security Analyst
The objective of E|CSA is to add value to experienced
security professionals by helping them analyze
the outcomes of their tests. It is the only in-depth
Advanced Hacking and Penetration Testing
certification available that covers testing in all
modern infrastructures, operating systems, and
application environments.

Investigation Procedures
and Response
EC-Council | Press
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Hacking Forensic


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Investigation Procedures
and Response : EC-Council | Press
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