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Evidence Based Practices For Autism Essay

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Evidence-based practice (EBP) involves any practice that is effective and based on replicated scientific research following a set of explicit criteria (Buron & Wolfberg, 2013). It is important for educators and professionals to consider the best evidence based practices for individuals with ASD. Simpson (2005) states that “dependence on and uncritical use of miracle cures and unproven methods have encouraged unhealthy, unrealistic and improbable expectations and have, in all too many cases, retarded the progress of students with ASD” (p. 141). Adopting evidence-based practices and using scientific methods are important for educating and supporting individuals with ASD. Effective matching of ...view middle of the document...

Simpson et al. (2005) evaluated 33 common treatment and intervention methods based on effective practice, perceived objectives and scientific merits. These methods were categorised under the following headings – interpersonal relationship, skill based, cognitive, physiological/biological/neurological and other. (Simpson, 2005). In addition factors such as potential risks, costs, methods for evaluating effectiveness, when intervention is best applied, reported outcomes and qualifications of those administrating the intervention were considered. These practices were graded under four classifications – scientifically based, promising practice, limited evidence and not recommended/harmful. Understanding these classifications is important when considering which intervention strategies to use for individuals with ASD (Simpson, 2005).

Some examples of methods listed under the intervention and treatment categories are listed below (Simpson, 2005).

Scientifically based practice include the skill-based interventions of applied behaviour analysis, discrete trial teaching and pivotal response training. Cognitive intervention -Learning experiences (an alternative program for preschoolers and parents).

Promising practices - Interpersonal relationship - include play-orientated strategies, Picture Exchange Communication System(PECS), Incidental teaching and structured teaching. Cognitive - Social stories, cognitive learning strategies, cognitive behaviour modification . Physiological/biological/neurological - Sensory integration.

Limited supporting information for practice - Interpersonal relationship – Floor time, relationship development intervention. Skill- based – Fast ForWord. Cognitive – Cognitive scripts, cartooning. Physiological/biological/neurological – Auditory integration training, megavitamin therapy. Other – Music and art therapy.

Not recommended – Interpersonal relationship – Holding therapy. Cognitive – Facilitated communication.


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