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Everything Ha S Its Time Essay

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Everything on earth has its own time and its own season. There’s a time for birth and death. There’s a time for crying and laughing, for weeping and dancing, for keeping and giving, for listening and speaking. And there is also a time to love and hate.
Back to my high school life, when I was in 2nd year, I was deeply fallen in love with someone. I thought it is now the best time for me to love knowing that, that guy loves me too. I’ve never felt this feeling before. Something that I cannot understand just experienced. And no doubt about it, falling in love can be a uniquely beautiful experience. But how ...view middle of the document...

I look at him. And I caught him looking at me too with a smile on his face. And that’s when my world began to stop. I was so “kilig”. I cannot even move. It seems like I am melting like an ice cream. From that day, I always find myself smiling even if I am alone.
From now on, I’m going to school every day with a wrong motive. Not to study and learn but to see him. He is always on my mind the whole day. Even when we are having our class, I’m still thinking of him. When my teacher is discussing, my mind is discussing about him too. How stupid. I’m physically present but emotionally and mentally absent.
After the discussion, our teacher immediately gave us a quiz. This is to check whether we understand the lesson or not. I got a very low score in that quiz. For the first time in my life, I got 7/30. I was so embarrassed. I’m the lowest. It sucked me. I also got low grades in most of my subjects. Because of that, I failed to be one of the top 10 in our class.
It’s my entire fault. I have realized that falling in love while studying is not quite good. It only leads to destruction. It’s not yet the right time for me to feel love for an opposite sex. I’m still too young for that.
I’ve learned to wait. God makes everything happen at the right time. His time is never late or early. It is always on time. God will keep you happy on the right time that you won’t have time to worry each day. It’s only a matter of waiting.

Janic fernand BSED II English major

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