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Everything Essay

1962 words - 8 pages

BP 2012 Issue 2/3
The 9/11 Decade Issue
Comprehension Answers

How does the author illustrate the emergence of 'a generation with a
fundamental commonality' (line 3)?

Suggested Response:

transcending borders (½) with


He describes how the youth rise
above physical boundaries and
limitations (½)

their unequivocal expression (½) of a to state in unison (½) their
desire for connection.
yearning/want for connectedness.

What is the author showing by using the phrase 'apparently intrinsic' to describe
the importance of technology to this generation's youths (lines 11-12)?


Suggested Response:

shows how apparently (½) intrinsic He ...view middle of the document...

but it was vital (½) that they belonged But it was of utmost importance/
to the group (½).
crucial (½) that they were part of the
collective/had an affirmative group
identity (½).

What does the phrase 'out of circulation' (lines 68-69) highlight about the
perception youths have of being absent even temporarily?

Suggested Response:

'out of (1/2) circulation(1/2)'


The phrase suggests that youths
perceive being even temporarily
absent from their social networks as
being removed from/taken away
from (½) the popular cliques (½),

Youth fear ... because they worry and this causes them considerable
that... (1m for inference)
anxiety (1m for inference).

How does the illustration of the 'best possible result in social media for young
people' (lines 74-75) highlight the means by which social media has impacted
the social status of youths? Use your own words as far as possible.

Suggested Response:

The need for approval (½) is almost
tangible, (½) and it keeps young
people sitting in front of the laptop
continuously hitting ‘refresh’, waiting for
someone to hit ‘like’ on their updates.

It highlights how social media has
made the need for external validation
(½) a real/actual/substantial part (½)
of the lives of youth,

Indeed, in the Social Economy it is not
good enough to simply do something.
You have to tell people about it (½)
and have their acknowledgement (½)
before it becomes real.

that all their activities need to be
validated/affirmed/approved (½) by

Thus, it is no wonder that the best
possible result in social media for young
people is when someone else uploads
a photograph of you looking cool and



to have someone else present
in a favourable light enables
to get validation/affirmation of
status/gain merit (½) while

BP 2012 Issue 2/3
The 9/11 Decade Issue
Comprehension Answers
then tags you. In this scenario, you get maintaining the appearance
all the credit (½) without looking modesty/humility (½).
overly vain or full of yourself (½).


Suggest one reason for the author ending the passage with the comparison of
the youth to Narcissus (lines 85-86).


Suggested Response:

As the Social Economy increases its
reach, could we find an entire
generation irreparably impacted by
social status anxiety so much so that,
like Narcissus (1), they lose
themselves in seeking to see
themselves reflected (½) in the
approval of the masses (½)?


He is suggesting that the social
economy makes the youth vulnerable
to over-indulgence (½) in their selfabsorption/search
validation (½), just as Narcissus who
persistently dwelled upon his own
image (½), and that this will
ultimately prove to be selfdestructive (½).
(Inference from reference to Narcissus
must be drawn out.)

Give the meaning of the following words as they are...

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