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Everyman By Anonymous Essay

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Everyman by anonymous
The time of death is uncertain for everyman. An anonymous author in the late fifteenth century wrote this morality play that shows how a single character handles the news of his death and how he prepares for it. The main character referred to as “Everyman” is visited by death. God is grieved by the unrighteousness of man so he sends death to send Everyman on a pilgrimage (Gyamfi & Schmidt, 2011).
Everyman is also required to bring with him a reckoning of his days on earth. In the play, Everyman expresses that he needs more time to gather up his things and organize his book of reckoning but death informs Everyman that there is no second chance (Gyamfi & Schmidt, ...view middle of the document...

A thought stimulating theme in this play is the worthlessness of all earthly possessions. Material possessions, friends, beauty, discretion, and five senses will not be useful when a man is faced with death and judgment. In the world today, people are concerned with material things and often forget God and abandon doing good deeds to help others. Self-centeredness and gathering up of earthly treasures prove non beneficial to the soul of everyman. The scriptures show in Mathew 6:19-21 that treasures on earth can be destroyed or stolen but treasures in heaven are forever. In order to build treasures in heaven.
This morality play implies that death is sent from God when a man sins. This perception is portrayed in the first scene where God spoke about the unrighteousness on earth. God said in lines 52-63 that he hoped that everyman will make it to his mansion in heaven and thus he sent salvation. Now it seems that everyman has rejected salvation so he is sending his death messenger to do justice. People have turned to angels for sense of spiritual meaning in this evil world. Brock (1999) said that although angels are sent to guide and guard people on earth, angels can be difficult messengers. The job of a messenger (Angel) is to make people pay attention God. The death messenger is this play is a difficult messenger because he was sent to bring everyman to his end. The call to reckon before God was not pleasant to everyman because he was not ready to face God.
Any man that forsakes God through sin faces death. The Bible says in Romans 6:23 that, “The wages of sin is death”. It is no wonder that God sent death to everyman in this play. The author’s perspective about death could be based on this scripture. Everyman was given a chance to experience life through salvation but chose the path of sin and God sent death as a reward. The penalty for sin cannot be avoided as the author shows in line 69. God said that Everyman shall in no wise escape death. Everyman tried to ask for mercy but at the point of death, it is too late to make up for the sins of the past.

Death is a highly feared phenomenon by all people. The permanence of death elicits fear in people. Everyman in the play is terrified by the death messenger because he knows that there is no return from the pilgrimage of death. Riley and Green (2012) state that the uncertainty of the unknown creates fear before a person dies. Although Everyman knew that he would go to hell if he was unable to account for his good deeds, many people in the world today lack knowledge of where the soul goes after death. The feeling of fear erupts when someone is faced with an uncertain situation. Death is seen as a dreadful thing and all the characters in the play except good deeds and knowledge expressed fear of death.

Due to the permanence of death, the author shows that there is no repentance after death. In the line 915 of the play, the Doctor said “for after death amends may no man make” (Gyamfi &...

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