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Leadership is one of the rare and precious human capitals. Without leaders to guide and shape decisions society would become stagnant. Within the arena of leadership there are good leaders, bad leaders, and effective leaders. All three coexist simultaneously in a world of followers.

A good leader is one who possesses many qualities. First and most important a good leader is just. To be just is to possess the ability to recognize what’s fair, good, and honest. A good leader always sets a good example of integrity, morals, and will lead his followers in accordance with these qualities. In addition to being just a good leader must be a strong thinker.

A strong thinker is able to think outside of the box. Thinking outside of the box means to approach decision making in an unconventional manner. One way a good leader must do 
this is to suspend judgment. A good leader must not form opinions until he needs to after accounting for all possibilities. Opinions should not happen ...view middle of the document...

In other words he must be able to think unconventional for an extended amount.

If we say about everyday leaders I could point out many persons. What make them different from others or give them a title leader? What qualities do they have? If we go with an example, the first one who comes into my mind is no one other than Abraham Lincoln. The capacity to listen to different point of view was his first quality that I noticed. Also his Ability to Learn on the Job, Ready Willingness to Share Credit for Success and Failures, Awareness of Own Weaknesses, Ability to Control Emotions, Ability to Communicate Goals and Vision made him the best and brightest leader. We should look for these qualities in our present leaders too. These qualities bring them to our life now also long after their death. The qualities they possessed bring them into our mind when we think about leaders; they are still alive in our mind. The qualities I observed in a good leader are there dedication, how they motivate their followers, the high standard of their performance, How they took initiative for things, and above all the way they give birth to a new leader.

The way they live and their modus operandi makes us say he/she as a good leader.

But here in modern life we it’s very rare to see a leader who has the above qualities. The modern leaders come under the category “Bad leaders’. I don’t know, but I never come across a leader who really motivates and work for the future of his or her followers. They really make them grow, whereas pushes their followers to “zero”. The young generation say’s “BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT”. They don’t listen to what others say. But they too are leaders. That is the reason why I said it the beginning there are good leaders and bad leaders.

From the serious of assignments about leaders and the leadership qualities, it really brushes my knowledge about how a leader should me and what are the qualities a leader should have. Whereas it makes me go through several points where came to know what a leader shouldn’t be. Also it gives me what creates a leader. How others define a leader.

What a leader should be- As James Thomas said “To be a great leader and so always master of the situation, one must of necessity have been a great thinker in action. An eagle was never yet hatched from a goose's egg”

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