Every Drop Is Greenwashing Essay

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Ricardo Garcia Stenftenagel
Prof. Arlene Acord
November 14th, 2012
Business Law & Social Responsibility
Every Drop is… Greenwashing
In a society that is increasingly aware of its own negative impact on the environment, it is not rare to see more and more corporations becoming green or environmentally friendly. Nowadays, corporations must have a “greener” mission and be working towards making the world a better place in order to have a competitive advantage and to gain customer loyalty. But how do we know if a company is really becoming more responsible or if it is just a scam to attract more customers and make more profit? This is when the term greenwashing comes into play; when ...view middle of the document...

The company Fiji Water also claims to be involved in helping the environment and improving their carbon footprint. Fiji Water over the past couple of years has created two advertising campaigns where it claims, “Every Drop is Green” and that their impact on global warming is beneficial because their water is “carbon negative” (Gang). This makes Fiji Water sound like an exceptional company, but until what extent is this true? How can bottled water be environmentally friendly when it has to be distributed all over the world? Is every drop really green? Do they really have a negative footprint? Or is this all just a big scam and Fiji Water is a big greenwasher?
The facts speak for themselves. Bottled water can roughly ever be green and environmentally friendly and here I present my reasons why. First of all, the water is extracted from Fiji aquifers and bottled in Fiji; but then how does it get to our hands? The only way is via air, sea and land transportation; that because of the combustion of fossil fuels required to move the vehicles, produces and injects CO2 emissions into our planet. Second, what about the plastic water containers? Although they use PET plastic bottles, which can be recycled, most of these bottles end up in landfills throughout the world, contributing to land and air pollution. And third, although that Fiji Water makes a claim that they are planting more trees every year than the necessary to absorb all the CO2 emissions produced by their operations, these trees would take several years to grow and be capable to accomplish their claim. (Gang) This demonstrates why Fiji does not follow their claims with their actions and why they are rated one of the top 10 greenwashers in the world. But, is it all over for Fiji Water Company?
Jeffrey Hollender in his book “The Responsibility Revolution” comes up with the core principles that if followed correctly can help any company attain responsibility. Fiji Water Company can benefit from these steps by boosting their company’s image, which will increase customer loyalty and in the long run will produce more profits. Responsible companies have:
• Mission: setting a purpose, values or something genuinely to stand for has to always be more important that what the company sells and the profit it makes (Hollender 18). It is as in life, when someone has a definite goal or a purpose in life, this person stands out of the crowd and can attain things that other might view as impossible....

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