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Ever Last Thing Everlasting You Essay

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Tyron Jake Vallesta and Sally Rivales a couple for almost three years, decided to settle down and build and face a family life. But when the time, Tyron decided to introduce Sally to his parents a complication occur. Tyron’s parents didn’t like Sally and told to there son to have a break-up to her. It cause sadness to Tyron’s heart. But, because Tyron is deeply inlove to his girlfriend he can’t do it by himself he chooses, that Sally would do the break-up. So, in able to push Sally to that he chooses to be cold to her. He rarely smiles and talks when he is with her, causing Sally to worry what’s going on to their relationship. Then one day, Sally confronted Tyron. But their conversation was interruped by the presence of Sally’s father and Javer Thompson, the guy which her father chooses to marry her daughter. Sally’s attention was drawn to her father and Javer causing Tyron to be out of place. But when Tyron decided to leave the house Sally easily notice ...view middle of the document...

.. You like?”.
“Uh.. Let me think my schedule??.. I think I can go! Let’s go now!.”
After the enjoyable moments of the two, Andrea accompany home the drunk Sally home. And that time, Javer is at home leaving sally to Javer. When the morning comes Javer took the responsibilty to take care Sally while her father is away from home.

As months goes by, Sally feel that her wounded heart has been healed. She developed a feelings towards Javer. She fall inlove again because of sweet efforts and supports that Javer gaves to her. Because Javer feels that they are the partners for life, he proposean engagement party. But before that, they decided to go to department store to buy clothes that they will wear in the occasion. While, Sally was searching for clothes a salesman approach her asking what she needs. At first Sally ignored him, but she realized a familiar voice. It was Tyron! The two never expected that they will meet again. Silence. Tyron come closer to Sally as he cries and hold Sally’s hand.
“Sally... I’m really sorry.” Tyron said.
“ Sorry for what? For leaving me? You know, you’re just a dastard! You didn’t fight our relationship. You just leave me alone!... Not a valid reason! Not again!!..” Sally said with an angry tone.
“ I’m really, really so sorry for what I did. I admit, I’m just a coward. I’m just a fool too, I let you go. Sally… I still love you. Let’s bring back our relationship. Please, I do everything..for you.”
But, Sally remain to be silent with tears flowing in her eyes. As Tyron was begging Sally, Javer come over and push Tyron away and started confronted him.
“ You’re too late! Your role to Sally’s life is already done and over! So, just step back and leave us alone! We are getting married.” Javer said as he looks angry towards Tyron.
“Sally is that true?.. You’re getting married? I know, you are pretending to be happy with that guy. I know you more Sally. You know, what I’m doing in this department store as a salesman? I work, for a living. I leave my parent’s side after a week we broke-up. I choose you over them! I fight for what I feel Sally. So, I’m here working hard for you. For you, to know that I choose this because I really…really love you! I know Sally, deep in your heart you still love me and you are just pretending that you love this guy, right?”

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