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Events Of 60's That Changed My Life

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How The Events of 1960’s Changed My Life

Final Project

During the 1960’s this was a time of change, which caused a lot of turmoil and drama for many people. Many events occurred in the sixties that caused change in the American culture and social society. There was a lot of discrimination, hatred toward different races and gender, people fought for their rights and freedom to do as they choose. We had the Vietnam War where many people who protested against it. We had the Civil Rights Movement, school integration, woman’s movements just to name a few there were other acts and events that were implemented during the sixties. The event that I think has changed my life is the Equal ...view middle of the document...

However being out in the workforce I do not see that we as woman are getting equal pay as men. After being out of the work force for a long period of time I needed to catch up with the pay of a man to support my children, my skills and ability needed to be equal or more advanced as a man. I started out my education in the 80’s in Criminal Justice with hopes of forwarding to be an attorney however marriages and children changed that. I started my education after 31 years when I realized that unless a woman has the education as a man and skills you will not receive the same pay. I chose to go back to school to get my degree as a Paralegal which I accomplished unable to find a job I decided to continue my education in Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology I believe that a lot of men have held this position for many years I am hoping with the skills and education I will find a job with equal pay to a man. I believe I am capable to perform the job just as good as or even better than a man and I should be getting the equal pay.
Today woman’s careers and pay scales are just as important to them as it is to men. Many woman including myself are establishing careers for themselves, more woman are moving up in the work force and value their careers they expect to get the same pay as men. Often times you find woman having to work hard to gain the positions they hold, respect and even the wages they deserve. According to Francis C. Hutner he believes the “problem, then, is not that woman are less committed workers than, men but they may be to committed and undemanding, and therefore less able to increase their compensation if a woman were more competitive, they might be able to increase their compensation (Hutner, 1986). As this being said I believe that I had to make a career choice of the criminal justice field to be more competitive in order to receive a pay that is comparative to a man.
So the question is it sex discrimination to pay woman less, because we are woman and not men. There are laws and orders that deal with compensation and sex discrimination. The first law is the Equal pay act of 1963 which was an amendment to the Fair Labor Standard Act of 1938. The Kennedy administration approved of President’s commission on the Status of Woman. The commission successfully launched and Equal Pay Act, which outlawed in most cases paying men more than woman for the same job (Faber, 1994, p.245). With this law it did have little effect but it was a start for woman like me to fight for the right to get paid what we are worth if we can perform a job as a man. On June 10, 1963 President Kennedy signed the EPA and summarized the conditions, which necessitated such law.
The average woman worker earns 60 percent of the average wage for men…
Our economy today depends upon women in the labor force.
One out of three workers is a woman. Today, there are almost 25 million
women employed,...

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