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Event Risk Assessment Essay

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EVM 203: Assessment 1
Throughout this document, I will look to explain Fowey’s Royal Regatta and the techniques and strategies they have deployed to prevent risks occurring. Fowey Royal Regatta is a week-long carnival which attracts thousands of tourists and annually celebrates sailing in Cornwall. I am specifically going to investigate the closing day of the regatta; which is host to the firework display and carnival float parade. This is a public event with a large number of attendees; therefore it must provide a safe environment for anyone located at the event. The event organisers prior to the event will carry out risk assessments to identify and risks or hazards during the event. I ...view middle of the document...

There is multiple public houses along the route of the paraded floats, this means there is a chance for a flow of people entering/leaving the venues which could mean collisions. Whilst the parade is on show, the security staff, on the entrances of the public houses, are instructed to delay people entering/leaving – to ensure the roads are clear for floats. To prevent similar problems, at the end of the parade the floats gather in a large car park to be easily manoeuvred. Each float has its own designated area to help congestion problems (everyone knows which area they have to be). Large amounts of people gather whilst the floats are in transit and they are marshalled by stewards to guarantee they stay in suitable safe areas. The stewards would be given suitable crowd management training and would have been explained safety procedures. It would be unsafe and risky to have no one in control of the floats and the crowds watching. One of the events main objectives is the safety of the public which ensures the event will run for years to come. Yeoman et al (2004) cites Allen et al (2002) who believe that within event management; risks are the likelihood of events not fulfilling its objectives.

To help manage the large crowds and queues, barriers/fencing is erected. Barriers being used can result in two potential risks. Firstly, there is a risk of crushing. There is a potential crushing of members of the general public against the barriers. When people are trying to force themselves the front of the crowds, it causes issues. Once again, this problem is resolved by the stewards marshalling the crowds. They police the parameters of the event and reduce misbehaviour in the crowd. Allen et al (2011) says that crowd control issues arise because of inadequate risk management from the event companies in charge. Crowd management is key at any event, fatalities can be caused when the crowds are not management, an example of this would be the Hillsborough disaster (BBC, 2009). The other issue with barriers occurs with the setting up of the event. There is a manual handling risk. The Health and Safety Executive published information from The Manual Handling Operations Regulations (2002) suggests the erection of barriers prior to the commencement of the carnival can cause musculoskeletal injuries. To prevent injuries the members of the team will have received manual handling training and know the correct way to lift heavy objects.

One of the main attractions of the event is the firework display. However, with fireworks there are obvious risks. The fireworks are set off from a boat on the river, reducing the chance of injuries to the crowd. The team involved in setting off the fireworks will have had training and have to approach the task with a lot of caution. FEMA (2012) stated that in 2010 alone, U.S. hospital emergency rooms treated an estimated 8,600 people for fireworks-related injuries. A further risk involved with fireworks is the high levels of...

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