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Event Proposal Essay

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Event Proposal Template
A full event proposal is required for applications over $5000 (total funding including cash and/or in kind) to Council's Local Events and Sponsorship
or Major Events and Sponsorship Programmes. Please use either this template or submit your own Event Proposal. (An appropriate level of detail is
expected to reflect the value of the Grant requested).

Name of the Event
Description of the event
Cultural festival, sports day, art show, launch of new program



Event Coordinator
Contact Numbers



Contact Person during the Event
Event Overview - What
Contact Numbers


What is the event and why are you holding it? What is the history and possible future of the event?
Is there a message, what are you trying to communicate with your audience and ...view middle of the document...







E (improbable)

Measures of impact
A (catastrophic): Death - severe injury (eg loss or crushed limbs, brain damage)
B (critical): Major Injuries - require medical assistance (inc. Concussions)
C (marginal): Minor Injuries - cuts, treated internally (incl. Minor sprains)
D (negligible): No Injury
Measures of lik elihood
A (frequent): Will occur regularly - day to day
B (probable): Will occur on most occasions, circumstances
C (occasional): Will occur from time to time
D (remote): May occur but not regularly or often
E (improbable): Unlikely to ever occur
Risk assessment sheet
What potential Risks
have you identified





Please insert more pages as required.

Postal address: Western Dow ns Regional Council, PO Box 551, DALBY QLD 4405

Who will fix the
Who will sign off
on completion?

Site and Venue Assessment

Finance - Budget

Proposed total

Proposed total (Inc GST)

Proposed total

Proposed total (Inc GST)

Applicant Contribution
Other Income
Council Grant


Evaluation Criteria which will be used to assess the success of the event
What were our aims/objectives?
Did we achieve what we set out to do?
Did it come in on budget?
What were the intended/unintended outcomes?
How do we measure effectiveness?
What tools do we use to measure our success?

Postal address: Western Dow ns Regional Council, PO Box 551, DALBY QLD 4405

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