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Event Management Essay

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Major Event Management
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Major Event Management

The International Fashion Stylist Association is organizing a one day fashion event in London. The goal of the event is to promote creative talents, to stimulate creativity and to create new networking and employment opportunities. The name of the event has been suggested to be "Fashion Fiesta". 8th June, 2013 is the date suggested for the event. Event will feature the fashion related activity in London, a fashion show of the best local emerging designers and a networking dinner. "Fashion Fiesta" will be an invitation-only event ...view middle of the document...

It will make the people hearing the name curious about what the event will all be about. Furthermore, the details will not be disclosed to everybody, which will increase the interest and the curiosity in "Fashion Fiesta". Fiesta has been suggested as this event is going to be like a one day carnival, where all the best people of the fashion industry will be showcasing their talent and will be socializing with each other. This is not to forget that there will not be any fun element in the event. The "fun" side of the event will also be taken care of by the event management team. The word "Fiesta" will make the attendants, as well as, the other people know that the event is much more than just a show where models walk the ramp, people applaud and go back to their homes. This event will stay in the minds of the fashion gurus, as well as, the fashion industry for a long time.
Now coming to the date of the event. The date has been set to be June 8th, 2013. There were a number of things to consider while deciding upon the date. June 8th, 2013 is Saturday. The first things considered was that the date of the event should fall on the weekend. This will make the availability of most of the attendants more possible and more convenient. Other thing considered while deciding upon the date was the availability of most of the attendants. The most important consideration was the availability of the guest of honor. Arranging the event after almost six months from now will provide the designers enough time to get completed with their own arrangements. They will have ample time to consider what to do, decide upon a theme and start working on it. It is going to be one of the biggest fashion events of the year in London so the designers will not get a better opportunity than this one. Therefore, six months time has been provided to them to make sure that they make the best out of the event. They will have enough time to get their dresses and the models done to showcase the dresses and make a mark on the fashion gurus who will be there attending the event. Many of the local designers launch their new collections in June. This will help them in showcasing their new collections and attracting the customers, as well as, making their mark on the fashion gurus, analysts and other people of the fashion industry attending the event.

Guest Accommodation
Accommodation will be provided to all the out of town guests coming to the city to attend the event. Accommodation charges are to be paid by the guests upon their departure from the hotels. Accommodation will be available on the first come first serve basis. The proposal for accommodation of the invited guests for the event is based on three hotels of three star ranking and three hotels of five star ranking. It will be up to the guests to decide if they want to go for the three star hotel or the five star hotel as the charges will have to be paid by themselves.

Three Star Hotels
The three star...

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