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Even Small Things Are Great Essay

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Even Small Things Are Great

Every person longs for recognition. It is the yearning of the ego to seek love. We feel good upon receiving praise from our superior. We float with pride when we are rated on top of others. Giving honor and reward to those who have accomplished great things is a good way of valuing. Rightly done, it affirms their being created in the image of God.

On the other hand, we must be careful of the way the world gives recognition. The criterion it sets to receive award tends to discriminate and devalue those who have no superior talents and winning personalities. Small people with limited capacity and resources are in a disadvantage position. The ...view middle of the document...

Be careful because it is the quest for becoming big and bigger that Satan’s sets the trap. Success may corrupt the heart and inflate the head. It tends to look down on little people. Ultimately, it makes one believe that he/she no longer needs God because he/she thinks that he/she is a god. Thus God always hated Israel for relying on the super powers’ vast army and numerous horses to win their battles because they will forget to rely on God.

God’s model for greatness are the little people—like a child ( Matt 18:2-5) and a servant (Lk 22:24-27 ) because they easily learn to depend on God. Their greatness is not measured by their excellent performance that the world rewards but their humble attitude of heart to serve faithfully where they are. God sees the little things they do below for the Kingdom which remain unnoticed by the people of this world.

God uses small beginnings to accomplish great things to extend the Kingdom of God . Jesus Himself spent much time ministering to little people—the widows and orphans, the outcasts and marginalized, the poor and powerless. He enjoyed small talk with the common people rather giving speeches to the rich and famous. He said, even giving a cup of cold water to a stranger is a great work in the Kingdom (Matt 25:35-36). Christ is present among the hungry, the thirsty and those in prison. Serving them, no matter how small, makes one stands tall in God’s presence.

What have you done for the Kingdom of God? Perhaps, no one even notices your hard work, doing over time, doing the routine, sleepless nights, getting sick. They are not usually measured for statistical performance in a result/output management culture. However, God sees them and before His eyes you are great!
Personal Contemplation

Read and Receive
Read the article—slowly and reflectively. What has stirred up your heart?
Spend some time to receive the message resonating in your heart.

When no one commends you for what you’ve done, how do you feel? Why?


“Lord, I confess that...

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