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Even If All Rebates Were Redeemed, Why Might Manufacturers Still Want To Offer Rebates Rather Than Decrease Wholesale Prices?

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Unit Outline

Supply Chain Management|
Semester 1Crawley|
Sharon Purchase|

Business School

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Approved calculators for examinations 11
Overview 11

Have you ever been shopping and they don’t have your usual product on the shelf, or been to a excess stock sale to move stock? Both of these indicate that the product’s supply chain is not working well. This unit covers different aspects when considering a supply chain. Supply chaining has been coined by companies such as Walmart and Dell whose competitive advantage is their well designed supply chain.

Unit content
The unit covers context such as inventory modelling, bull whip effect, supply chain design, procurement etc. The unit covers the topics broadly and gives students a taste of the issues involved in supply chain management.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit, you should be able to:
· Develop an understanding of supply chain issues
· Consider management trade-off business decisions concerning supply relationships, cost, customer service, information control which impact the supply chain.
· Understand strategies that will help improve supply chain operations.

We strongly advise students to regularly access their student email accounts. Important information regarding the unit is often communicated by email and will not be automatically forwarded to private email addresses.
Unit coordinator/lecturer||
name:|Sharon Purchase|
phone:|6488 1812|
fax:|6488 1005|
consultation hours:|Wed 9-12|
lecture times:|Wed 13:00 – 14:45|
lecture building & room:|GPB3: SMNDS|

Teaching and learning strategies

This unit encompasses a number of teaching strategies to facilitate student learning.

The content of this unit is not covered in any other units and to ensure students have a good understanding of the main supply chain concepts the assessment will include a mid-semester exam and a final exam.

The ability of students to analyse and consider multiple solutions to real world problems is an important aspect in this unit. To encourage students to develop analytical skills the unit includes case studies as a major assessment component. Students will be expected to not only analyse the problems, but facilitate the learning of other students through running the tutorial sessions.

Student encouragement to participate in the case analysis is through assessing tutorial participation. Tutorial participation is given a higher component to ensure that students do analyse the cases before class.

Charter of student rights and responsibilities

This Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities upholds the fundamental rights of students who undertake their education at the University of Western Australia.
It recognises that excellence in teaching and learning requires students to be active participants in their educational experience. It upholds the ethos that in addition to the...

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