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Evaluation Thing In Motion Essay

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For this fashion and textiles project, we were given the theme 'things in motion'. I was told to explore a range of media, techniques and process within the specialist area of printed textiles. From using this title I followed a number of different steps enabling me to complete my final piece which had to be due for the 25th of November.
Whilst making my project I have learned a lot of new skills for example: sewing and making garments, creating patterns and prints. I have managed to think of a new ideas also what haw to tie dye, monoprint, screen print, make a stencils, also how to work in a team.
First printing process which we has been introduced to was mono printing. By ...view middle of the document...

As soon as the wax stained onto the cotton I’ve dyed the material in a dye bath or a painted it with a brush. As soon as the fabric dried I could add up some more colors and repeat the whole technique until the result breached.
Third process to which our group has been introduced to was tie dying. The materials which I have used as a base was cotton, again. To make the ties I have used elastic bands however there is also a number of materials which can be used such as strings, cable ties or anything that hold on tightly. What I have learned that there ale several standard patterns used for tie dying which are: spiral, v patterns, concept circles and stripes. When the fabric became all scrunched up ad tied the next step was adding a dye. I’ve chosen a variety of colors that worked well together. Finally when I finished with the dyeing process I’ve left the fabric to dry out.
At last the final method to which our group have been introduced to was screen printing. And this is where it gets a bit trickier. First of all I’ve cutted out the stencils from a piece of bold paper which I’ve copied out the news paper and attached it to the screen. because I was told that our print have to be done in multiple colors (min 4 ) it was very important that all the pieces which I wanted to print were registered(lined up so that the printed image appears to the exactly the same places on each piece) next I’ve placed the paper and my first stencil under the screen ready to be printed followed by that I drew a small amount of ink an a line along the edge of the silk . By using an edge of a squeegee I’ve pulled the
paint across the surface of the silk it squeezed the ink through all the open areas of the paper stencil . When my first stencil was already printed I’ve lifted up the screen and removed the print, washed the screen under the water and let it dry and repeated the same procedure for the next three stencils until the satisfied result.
Whilst experimenting with all the process and having a range of samples of printing techniques I’ve started to think about my initial ideas, but before that I’ve carried out a research on some of the fashion designers so I could gain inspirations from more resources. I found a big interest in Marc Jackobs, John Galliano, Katharine Hamlet, Jean Paul Gaultier and Helmut Lang, helped me a lot with developing ideas toward my final garment.
I’ve started off with making eight ruff sketches thinking about things in motion theme and techniques I’ve...

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