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Evaluation On History Essay

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The following observation is an event sample and was carried out on the 21ST of April 2010. This method of observation will allow me to assess whether the child being observed is performing at age related expectations for an average child of her age. The event sample will allow me the opportunity to observe the child participating in activities which require her to use her thinking skills thus allowing me to analyse how well she is performing with regards to her cognitive development. The child in question will be observed throughout the course of the morning whilst participating in both focus led and independent activities. The child being observed is female, aged ...view middle of the document...

P- “4+3?” Child A says “7!” P- “6+2?” Child X “7!” P- “Good try but that’s not the correct answer.” Child A “8!” P - (smiles). P- “7+2?” Child X “9!” P- “Well done! 9+1?” Child A “10!” P- “5+2?” Child A “7!” P – “Excellent! Right! Everybody look at the board please!” P points to the illustrations on the IWB and tells children a mathematical story. P- “How many balls were there altogether?” Child X, “4!” P- “Super, well done! Who can write the sum on the board?” Child A puts her hand up. P asks child A to come up. Child A takes IWB pen and writes 3 + 1 = 4 on the board. P- “Is she right?” Children “Yeaaaaaa!” P-“Everyone give child A a magic ‘Whoooosh!” P repeats this with another addition problem.

-Working on numeracy table

Child A picks up a key ring and looks at the number on the tag. She proceeds to collect keys from the key pot and hooks them on to the key ring. She counts the keys as she places them on the ring. She places 7 keys correctly on to the key ring. She recognises the numerals and repeats this for 3, 10, 12 and 16 keys on the key ring all of which she counts out using 1-1 correspondence.

-Working in outdoor environment

Child A is working with child X in the sandpit. Both children are filling buckets and bottles with dry sand. “Let’s fill all these” says child X. Child A proceeds to fill the bottles. She fills 3 bottles and says “These are heavy. I’m gonna fill this one too.” She proceeds to fill another bottle with sand. “This bottle is ‘light’, look! Shall I fill this one?” She proceeds to fill the bottle with sand. She fills it so that it is half full. “This is heavy now. But this is heavier! (picks up the full bottle of sand and gives it to child X)”. Child A says “Let’s play over there (she points)! We’ll come back here after dinner or tomorrow. Ok?”

-Writing table

Child A is writing at the writing table. She is writing underneath a picture of ‘Bob the builder’. She writes ‘I like bob the bilda. can he fix it yes he can. Bob the bilda wez a yelow hat he fix all the thngz scoop and muck and tmbla are hz frendz.’ She takes her work to the practitioner. P-“Wow! Did you write all that by yourself?” Child A smiles and nods her head. P-“Can you read it to me?” Child A proceeds to read what she has written. P-“That is fabulous. If you can write one more sentence for me, I will share your work with the rest of the class just before dinner time. Don’t forget your sentence starts with a...” Child A “Capital letter!” P-“….and finishes with a…” Child A “Full stop!” She goes back to the table and writes ‘Scoop is my favrit.’

-Role play

Child A is sitting on the practitioner’s chair, holding a teddy bear. “Right! X put Mr Teddy ‘on’ the chair! (pretends to hand the bear to a child). “X put Mr Teddy ‘in’ the box. Good boy!” Repeats using words ‘under’ and ‘inside’.

-Snack table

Child A peels a banana. She picks up a knife and makes an indent in the banana. She repeats this. She...

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