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Evaluation Of Factors Affecting Maintenance Of Mosque Buildings In Osogbo, Osun State

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JUNE, 2012

Poor maintenance practices have become a critical issue not only to government properties as it is often perceived by users but also to mosque buildings. This paper examined various factors affecting maintenance of mosque buildings in Osogbo, Osun state. To achieve the set objectives, research survey method was adopted. A total ten (10) central mosques representing 55% of the total number of central mosque buildings were selected in Osogbo. ...view middle of the document...

Osun state is popularly known for its cultural heritage and as the ancestral origin for the Yorubas. The inhabitants of Osun state are predominantly Muslims. In Osun state, there are a set of mosques built in memory of prominent individuals and others built by communities to enable them perform their obligatory five-time salat prayers. While some of these mosques maintain their initial aesthetics and finishing, some are in a deplorable state. This is as a result of decline in maintenance practice due to various factors among which is lack of fund (Adenuga et al., 2007). This can be seen in the way most properties ranging from government to private deteriorate as a result of neglect. Mosques buildings are not left out of this poor maintenance practice. According to Turrel (1997), recognisable requirements for practicing good maintenance of building stock have been established and this has not been embraced universally. Iyagba, (2005) opined that it is practically impossible to produce maintenance free buildings but the maintenance aspect of any building can be achieved through a good design and skilled workmanship using good quality methods and materials.

In most mosques, the head of maintenance section or committee is called waliyy (guardian). He takes care of the mosque and gives directives to members of his group t ensure that the mosque is cleaned always (Ali, M.M. 1986). This is done by ensuring that there is adequate supply of water for ritual bath and ablution; maintenance of all sanitary wares and makes corrections to any defective part of the building. Absence of waliyy in mosque is mostly felt in the manner in which mosque maintenance is kept. Most mosque with exception of few such as national mosque where government take absolute responsibility for their requirement, do not consider having waliyy. Maintenance of mosques is however, left for anyone that wishes to do the work for Allah’s sake.
According to Quraishi, M.T (1984), there are many legally permissible ways by which funds can be generated for the maintenance of the mosque in Islam. One of such ways, which Islam duly recognized is Waqf, an endowment of property for the maintenance of the mosque. As an example, Ibn Tulūn was said to have constituted a large number of houses as endowment for his mosque and hospital. This endowment covered those for the salaries of mosque officials, for teachers' quarters, for the support of visitors, and for feeding, among others. Another method is the direct maintenance of the mosque by wealthy men who in most cases are builders of such mosque. In an Islamic state, some mosques may be under the patronage of the government and put under the care of a special ministry (Yusuf, T & Abdur Rahim, L. 2004). In this part of the world, special donations and periodic contributions are the means by which many mosques are being maintained. Launching programmes, appeal...

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