Evaluation Of A Business Ethics Essay

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Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics

Wal-Mart has been one of the trademark successes of a retail business. We have seen Wal-Mart in any growing community in the United States (U.S.) as well as globally. This paper will discuss the business ethics of Wal-Mart that will cover evaluation and analysis of the problem-solving process used by Wal-Mart together with their decision making–processes.
Wal-Mart was founded by Sam Walton on 1962 with the first discount store in Arkansas. Sam Walton saw the potential of retail store and eventually continued the empire of building different stores in the United Sates. Ethics plays a big role in the way Wal-Mart conducts their business. Wal-Mart, ...view middle of the document...

Wal-Mart uses different types of ethical system such as duty-based to maintain the trust and respect that Wal-Mart earned through these years. This is clearly shown on Wal-Mart’s commitment on safe and healthy workplace for everyone by maintaining an alcohol and drug-free environment. In addition to duty-based system used by Wal-Mart, the organization expects the associates to maintain an environment free of violence. According to the Statement of Ethics of Wal-Mart, “any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.” (Wal-Mart, Statement of Ethics) Wal-Mart uses rights-based ethical system. This is shown in the diversity of workforce exemplified by Wal-Mart. The organization follows the basic belief of Sam Walton - respect for the individual. Every individual is given an equal opportunity to avail of any qualified position in Wal-Mart. The hiring policies and business dealings does not limit Wal-Mart in exploring the equal rights of any individual. Wal-Mart also uses virtue–based ethical system to comply with international market. Since Wal-Mart has opened their doors globally, Wal-Mart adapted their Statement of Ethics according to the community or culture standards of the individual. Wal-Mart has a set of policies that provide guidance to an associate for whatever country they are working. Wal-Mart clearly states in the Statement of Ethics that the local policies and laws must always be followed.
Every employee has a basic obligation to the customers, co-employee, directors, and stakeholders by following the rules and understanding the Codes of Ethics set by Wal-Mart. Any concerns and issues are encouraged to be brought to the attention of management through hotlines, e-mail and regular mail. Based on the concerns that deviate from the principles that Wal-Mart believes on, management plans further resolution of conflicts and reported to the Global Ethics Office designed to monitor any ethical violations. Every Wal-Mart employee goes through training and expected to know the principles that Wal-Mart is governed, and the obligations they expected to perform.
Code of Ethics is used by Wal-Mart’s employee or associate, management, and board of directors in following the basic beliefs of Sam Walton. Wal-Mart‘s commitment in maintaining the integrity of the workplace by keeping a safe and healthy workplace through a drug-free environment. Every associate is expected to comply with drug screening upon hiring or prior to promotion into management. In addition, Wal-Mart may require any associate to submit in any drug testing if there is a reasonable basis to suspect any individual under the influence of drugs. Furthermore, Wal-Mart will not hire, promote or may terminate any individual who tests positive of drugs.
Wal-Mart management uses the Statement of Ethics in maintaining the balance of force within the organization. One of the major concerns that Wal-Mart faces is the diversity of workforce in the organization. The Statement of Ethics...

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