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Evaluation Of A Business Code Of Ethics

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Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics
Evaluation of a Business
In this paper I will discuss Kaiser Permanente Hospital’s Code of Ethics and how it affects employees, managers, and the Board of the Directors. This hospital strives for compliance of professional and ethical standards it is to be followed by everyone working for the organization including contractors and vendors. This means to understand the code of conduct ensuring responsibilities to members, setting high standards to care, truthfulness, professionalism, responsible partnering, accountability and responsiveness, privacy and confidentiality to protect personal information. To help with compliance to these standards ...view middle of the document...

A toll free corporate compliance hotline is available anonymously and confidentially to all employees and above to report unethical or noncompliance activity.
Kaiser Permanente Hospital has a relativistic ethical system. The people who work in this organization work in a complaint and ethical work environment. The company is committed in a thriving workplace atmosphere involved of honest and open sources of communication, pride, camaraderie, professional ethics and integrity, fairness, and many opportunities to climb the corporate walls within the company.
Kaiser Permanente recognizes that the employees are the greatest asset to the organization. Kaiser Permanente code of ethics allows equal opportunity and a place of employment in which the employees are treated fairly, and with much respect. The company complies with all regulations, and rules that has to do with nondiscrimination. Most importantly, there will be no discrimination against any person due sexual orientation, age, race, gender, religion, national origin, ancestry, color, and disabilities as mentioned in the Americans with Disability Act. This policy applies to pension, retirement, discharges, transfers, raises, and promotions. All employees are responsible for making sure they understand the policy, and that it at all times.
Our manager’s responsibility is to ensure the team members in the organization have enough information and training to understand his or her duties under the Code. Manager must develop a work atmosphere that encourages the best standards of compliance, and ethics. A manager has to be a resource for the employees when things go wrong. An open- policy necessary because it encourages employees to brings their concerns and issues to the manger for help, while making sure no one reports a suspected violation of the Code. Managers are prompt, act accordingly, and be responsive when it becomes unknown of a violation of Kaiser Permanente policy. If any managers have any concerns or questions that they are unsure within Kaiser Permanente policy, should refer to the Chief Compliance Officer.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the source of professional and ethical upper management. The directors are committed to a quality of very high standards of ethical and professional management by being strong leaders and finding ways to meet the vision and the mission of the organization to thrive. The Board of Directors is the people that hold everything together. The directors use the code of ethics as a resource that everyone can go by to make sure the employees within the organization knows the rules, and what is expected of him or. Members of the board of directors will conduct the business of the organization in good faith and with, integrity, honesty, reasonable competence, and due diligence.
Kaiser Permanente Hospital Code of Ethics allows the...

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