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Formal Evaluation Model

June 30, 2016
CJA 385

Formal Evaluation Model
Policy making in criminal justice can be broken down into two main focal points; monitoring and evaluation. During the monitoring phase, this is where factual information about policy goals are monitored. During the evaluation phase, this is where the question arises; did the monitoring phase address the potential outcome of the intended objective? In criminal justice, the formal evaluation model would benefit these types of policies. This paper will summarize the formal evaluation model and explain why it is the most effective evaluation process in criminal justice. This paper will also look at a policy ...view middle of the document...

Under these two evaluations, they both control direct and indirect input and output variables. Under direct control, variables can be manipulated. Where as in a social experiment the group being monitored can be changed from under 18 years old to over 18 years old. Under indirect control, the variables cannot be manipulated. Once the goal is set at monitoring people under the age of 18, it cannot be altered. In Summary, the formal evaluation process can provide criminal justice policy makers with cross impact analysis using summative and formative evaluations and direct and indirect variables.
According to Arthur Garrison (2009), Criminal justice policy research seeks to provide assessment and analysis of crime and provide strategies for its reduction. Policy making in criminal justice needs to utilize the formal evaluation process rather than decision-theoretic evaluation and pseudoevaluation. The reason that I chose this evaluation process model is that it is the only one of the three that monitors a policy through various stages of the life cycle of the policy, frequent and longer cycles; summative and formative. Policies cannot just be implemented and monitored in criminal justice. Formal evaluations bring a check and balances system to the evaluation process through developmental evaluation, retrospective process evaluation, experimental evaluation and retrospective evaluation. These policies that are implemented need to be monitored and subject to a vigorous evaluation process. With so many influences surrounding policy making in criminal justice, objectives and goals are subject to change.
I currently live in West Sacramento, California and we have had a serious homelessness crime problem. My city recently implemented a neighborhood court program that offers a homelessness crime diversion program. According to Claire Doan (2015), An alternative to criminal court, the Neighborhood Court program offers transient offenders a second chance after they...

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