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Evaluation Essay

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I am a student at a Community College. I am currently enrolled in a speech class. In this speech class, we were required to present a persuasive speech. This fourteenth of November, I evaluated a speech given by a classmate, Karina Cervantes. Ms. Cervantes chose to speak about Electronic Distractions while driving. My evaluation of her speech will determine its effectiveness.
If the speaker hopes to give an effective speech, they must know how to choose a topic. Topic selection is an important element to giving a successful speech. In selecting a topic, the speaker should be required in knowing the audience’s likes and dislikes. Doing so should help the speaker catch the audience’s ...view middle of the document...

Ms. Cervantes then concluded her speech with a question that led her audience thinking. “Look at your friends and family and ask yourself if a simple distraction is worth their lives?”
For a persuasive essay, one must have a large amount of supporting detail. Supporting detail is proof and shows credibility in order for the speaker to be able to prove their point. Charts and graphs are perfect examples of supporting detail. With a PowerPoint presentation she was able to show us pictures of car accidents, and several charts representing the number of car accidents caused by distractive driving. Ms. Cervantes was able to successfully convince the audience that driving distracted has dangerous consequences.
Audience analysis is needed to triumphantly persuade an audience. Understanding the audience is an important element of effective communication. Audience analysis can help the speaker gain a valuable insight about the audience. It can then help choose and develop a relevant topic. It can also help you to create an appropriate tone, style, and language. Ms. Cervantes adjusted quite well with her audience. Her topic was relatable to the audience, for 90 percent of them admitted to drive while distracted. Ms. Cervantes performed her speech in a way where her audience was properly informed and were able to engage in her topic without a problem.
Delivery is one of the most essential components of giving a successful persuasive speech. To persuade a person means to convince an individual to do something or convince them of something in general. To do so, one must know how to give good eye contact, and control gestures and body movements. Having good eye contact helps grab the audience’s...

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