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Team Name
Individual and Peer Evaluation Form
This evaluation serves to assess your commitment to team efforts and your perspective of the contributions of your teammates to the assignment. It is recommended that the team use this form to reflect upon and improve team performance. Each individual will submit a peer evaluation form into his/her assignment folder.
Carefully review the criteria listed on the form and provide honest and constructive responses about your experience with the team assignment.
• For each of the criteria, first rate yourself and then each member of your team.
• If you assign a score of 5 to yourself or one of your team mates on any of ...view middle of the document...

Failure to post your contribution may result in your not getting credit for the assignment. Individual grades on team assignments may be adjusted downward from the team grade if the professor determines that individuals have not met required responsibilities for the project.
Rating Scale:
1 = very poor; consistently did not do what was expected
2 = poor; did what was expected only some of the time
3 = satisfactory; consistently did what was expected
4 = good; frequently did more than was expected
5 = excellent; consistently performed at the highest level
|1. Reliability - Adherence to assignment |  |  | | | |  |
|deadlines and roles assigned as detailed in | | | | | | |
|the team work plan. | | | | | | |
|2. Takes Initiative – Action oriented; |  |  | | | |  |
|personal drive; demonstrates commitment; | | | | | | |
|identifies opportunities to improve | | | | | | |
|assignment. | | | | | | |
|3. Quality of Input to the assignment. |  |  | | | |  |
|4. Leadership – Provides direction; motivates|  |  | | | |  |
|others; leads by example; provides candid, | | | | | | |
|direct feedback; coaches and develops others;| | | | | | |
|sustains a winning culture by promoting | | | | | | |
|inclusive meritocracy. | | | | | | |
|5. Teamwork – Builds relationships; improves |  |  | | | |  ...

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