Evaluating Performance Essay

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Family and Personal Issues
Damaryes Villanueva
University of Phoenix
Business Management MGT/216
Dr Tucker-Johnson

Family and Personal Issues
This paper is written to view balancing family and personal issues while working for an organization. Despite of what one personal life entails life is demanding and everyone needs to know or learn how to balance one’s work, family and, personal life. There will always be pressure in the workplace regardless of one’s status, single or a family the job will somehow, slip into one’s personal life or one’s personal life will slip into work, it inevitable. The key is balancing both equally important lives.
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Also the sense of not applying for that dream job, because one’s personal life occupies too much time to dedicate the time a new position requires. Even the sense of a senior job opportunity has passed, and given to a person that can dedicate more time then oneself due to outside personal dedication.
Managers who have several employees should have the ethical responsibility to do the right thing. However, a manager may reach out to the one employee who can dedicate more time to a project or a last minute request instead of the expert on the team that may have a family. These types of actions may cause team building issues, or relationship issue within the team.
Some actions by management that may not be ethical may cause an employee to harbor ill will for management that can produce serious code of conduct issues, such as tattling on disliked employees, blame failed job tasked on others and create strife within the group.
Managers which have employees that have outside life, can’t terminate of demote and employee, because she or she doesn’t dedicate his or her time to the job, however, this can effect one performance evaluation which will effect a promotion a pay increase and even a merit raise. This can also affect job assignments given to the person with more family responsibilities verses the employee that can dedicate themselves to the job if necessary. Employees rely on management for the work assignments, feedback and communication to respond accordingly, this is not to say that a family oriented employee is not as dedicated to their employer, but a positive environment can bring out the best in anyone.
Stanley (2009), “Employees look to management for direction and motivation. Supervisors and...

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