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Evaluating A Website For Credibility Essay

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Evaluation of Website for Credibility: American Association for Nurse Practitioners
Aman Verma
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR500: Foundational Concepts and Applications
September 18, 2013

Evaluation of Website for Credibility: American Association for Nurse Practitioners
American Association for Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is a national professional membership organization for NPs of all roles. The purpose of their website is to support and transform the dynamic roles of nurse practitioners (NPs) as prime providers into patient focused healthcare. Being in the family nurse practitioner program fueled my interest to this website. I aspire to enhance my knowledge by investigating ...view middle of the document...

The evidence for updated information is provided by resource guide for AANP week for November 2013, Affordable Care Act which mentions information on state insurance exchanges for October 2013, upcoming AANP conference in Las Vegas in October, 2013. Terms of Use/Privacy policy also supports that the website is current and revised frequently. The topic tabs in the AANP website, for example, membership/benefits, education, research, conferences, legislation/regulation, practice/professional, fellows program, publication and pressroom have comprehensive explanations of each tab. These topics within the website are easy to read and the information delivered is accurate as it is reviewed by board members prior to getting posted on the website. is sponsored by clinics and drug companies. Research funding is subsidized by organizations such as American Cancer Society, Federal Grants, National Institute of Health Grant Information and many more trusted organizations. Information in AANP is not biased as the site does not support selling of products related to medical clinics, pharmaceutical companies or any other sponsors that subsidize There is no advertisement from these companies noted on the home page to promote such propaganda. It strictly is objective as it promotes the education and profession of NPs.
The navigation of AANP website is fairly functional and easy to use. The website offers a search button which could assist in navigation of particular nomenclature that one wishes to seek. The website’s graphics and content load quickly. All links to and from this website are functioning properly. AANP only supports high-speed connection due to the fact that it has enriched content and graphics. AANP’s privacy and security policy allows release of members’ mailing address for educational, research and recruitment purposes. If a member does not want their mailing address released, the member can edit profile to restrict the information. Personal information is used by AANP officials and state representatives for member communications.
The website is found to be credible, as it meets all the requirements of a reliable website: peer reviewed publications, credentials reviewed of board of directors, information extracted from governmental resources, objectivity, ease of navigation and personal usage. The article “Making Sense of Credibility on the Web: Models for Evaluating Online Information and Recommendations for Future Research” focuses on an empirical experiment. The article concludes that credibility is easy to establish with the interest of evaluator, this article also reviews 5 elements of authority, information, objectivity, ease of navigation and privacy/security. was...

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