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Evaluating A Website Essay

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TJC’s website is published by very well known organization and ends in .org which makes it very appropriate for offering authority. The information throughout the website is very accurate and provides daily updates. There is a link that is labeled “Daily Update” that offers most recent news anywhere from the day of your search to as far back as a month ago. There is also a “Contact Us” link that offers a customer service phone number for general questions. This website does not appear to be biased and is produced by an organization that offers very important information in becoming accredited or ...view middle of the document...

TJC released an Sentinel Event Alert that indicates the impact fatigue has on patient safety. The alert offers suggestions on fatigue management ultimately offering education and awareness and advises healthcare providers to design work schedules for employees that minimize fatigue. With TJC accrediting and certifying more than 20,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States, this reflects their commitment to meeting certain performance standards.
It is important for a professional nurse to evaluate information found on the internet to make sure the information stated is appropriate and accurate rather than being biased and offering no validity. Nurses can use TJC’s website as a resource for obtaining Universal Protocols, National Patient safety goals and also staying up to date with guidelines provided by TJC that help continuously improve health care. A nurse can also use the website to report a complaint about a Healthcare organization.
In conclusion is a very creidible website. The information provided through this website has been used to accredit...

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