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Evaluate Effects Of Globalisation On Medias Role In Society

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Evaluate the effects of globalisation on the role of the media in society over the past thirty years or so (33 marks)

Over the last 30 years’ globalisation has influenced media in many different ways, however these effects can have advantages and disadvantages. One of the effects globalisation has that is visible is that communication has become wide spread. Over the last few years, magazines, newspapers, the internet and television have spread news worldwide and helped people come together. Globalisation is the growing interdependence of the world with the spread of culture, goods and economics globally.

One of the effects of globalisation is that the there are less national media ...view middle of the document...

Curran et al who done a content analysis of media in Denmark, Finland, UK and USA showed that the media outlets had lead a dumbed down content and increased tabloidization, the media outlets showed them as more entertainment centred than serious journalism.

Another effect of globalisation is that a culture has been created for the ordinary, popular culture has grown as the culture is enjoyed by the majority, cultural products are designed to then be put on the global market to them produce profit for corporation. Popular culture is linked to TV soaps, reality shows, popular music and feature films. However popular culture is sometimes associated with passive entertainment, with products being dumbed down so little thought is needed and it does not give any challenges to the people. Barnett and Seymour, and Curran talked about the dumbing down in media contents, and this can be because of globalisation, as the media owners which discussed before are very little, for example in the UK the magazine market is dominated by two major companies, and the IPC have about twenty seven million readers as they own some very popular magazines that are commonly read like Elle, What’s on TV and Country Life are a few to name, and the IPC are part of Time Warner, which are a common company name heard when talking about media outlet owners. Due to much of the content is commissioned by few companies in the media can mean that the content can be altered in order for it to appear favouring or going against certain things, influencing the...

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